Meet the face behind the Island 2 Go: Luka Mimica

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No, it’s not a cocktail. Neither it’s a new coffee brand. Island 2 Go is a contemporary sculpture, piece of art, a creative functional product, a souvenir- decor, whatever you want to call it. It is a must have. We are sure that a glance at it will take you to your favorite Croatian “La Isla Bonita” and if we’ve been lucky enough it will be Lokrum. Meet the face behind the brand, a sculptor Luka Mimica. He gave us an exclusive insight to the creative process behind the Island 2 Go brand.

luka mimica island2go croatia godubrovnik dubrovnik How did Island to go moment happen? 
It is very hard to distinguish the eureka moment. The idea itself is an outcome of a long term research of materials and brainstorming of what to give to the guest as a valuable memorabilia from the Adriatic. It’s all in the process actually. Evaluating the product gradually, wondering how can I make it better, improving it. In some cases, it would mean to make it as simple as possible.

You are a sculptor, an artist, an innovator but definitely someone who understands well the market needs and flaws. In the vortex of souvenirs uniformity, you made a total boom! It’s seldom to see newly launched products on today’s crowded market. Were you lead by figures and number while planning a project, if so were there any restricting effects?
My creativity would be restricted if I had to continue to do art after getting my Art Academy degree. The most frustrating part would be the lack of audience and fighting for one – troubles of all young artists. While I was thinking how to secure my existence through the creative entrepreneurship it came to me as the only logic solution. But honestly once I accomplish the goal I set, I will continue my work in art. I’m sure it will be more sincere and deprived of adjusting to the contemporary technologies, trends and institutions. I would call Island 2 Go a project; though economy sometimes can be fascinatingly creative.

luka mimica island2go croatia dubrovnik godubrovnikYou made a giant leap, what is the next step?
A leap you are referring to is more media oriented. For over a year,I was in the studio where I was constantly creating something new. Since media came to the scene nothing important has changed for my creative process and product itself but the huge responsibility came along the way. Responsibility to work more and to work better. However, the next step is a secret. Nevertheless you can always track ongoing novice on my official page. I will just add a lot more is coming 🙂

Lokrum found you! How?
A nature reserve Lokrum management contacted me and offered me a collaboration. After the research of island history, I’ve put a side all other projects and coped with prototype development. At the moment I am completing the ordered that followed.

luka mimica island2go croatia dubrovnik godubrovnik
What kind of music you play while creating?
I don’t (laughs). I never paid any special attention to music, but I must admit it started to influence me. I was more into the compositors and producer biographies,even more than into the sculptors or artists. For some reason I find them inspiring. As a matter of fact, the real inspiration to me, are movies. They are the source of all ideas; somehow I drift them to my media. Actually, all creative professionals have similar tasks, so it’s interesting to see how someone else articulated the same message in a different media. Spontaneously, I have started listening to movie soundtracks. Perhaps only when the deadline is due and I’m supposed to generate the idea I listen to Alpha and Theta waves to maximize creativity. I value the silence immensely.

luka mimica island2go croatia dubrovnik godubrovnikDo you have some “mind-unleashing pre-creative ritual”?
I find this question very interesting because I have never thought of something like that. You see, recently I moved to the new studio, as soon as I got a key I have started working on couple of rosin casts. I have realized that there are bunch of unpacked things around me, right after. I should have done that first, right?! I feel sort of a creative haze around myself…as if it’s intoxicating my body and than it wins me over, puts me in the trance – it’s my concentration and adrenaline that makes me work.
Procrastination was causing me major issues until I faced it. Now I can control working phase from brainstorming or relaxing.
However, very peculiar thing sets me free, on the vast horror of others, and it’s dumping the pieces that are not perfect. Close friends monitor my recycle bin. They say it often contains valuable and special things. On the other hand, for me, it represents only a learning process out of which I profited by comprehending a lesson which will lead me to something supreme.