Can you have imagined a plausible scenario that would lead a graduate political scientist to find himself one day working in a quarry? That was part of the story that life wrote for Giovanni Ranieri, one of the owners of the O’NIRO brand – who does not regret for one moment his time spent in the world of stone.

italy brand Dubrovnik O'NIRO style stone Konavle

“I have lived in Naples all my life, but my mother is from Konavle. After my studies I was employed in the quarry that was managed by my father” recalls Giovanni, and continues “… and after a few years I fell in love with the design and production of stone tiles. Then I decided to create my own creative empire and to share the beauty of stone with others “ he commented with a smile.

details O'NIRO Dubrovnik art ceramic plats Konavle

“All my life I have visited Dubrovnik, because my mother was born here” he says. “I’m linked to Croatia: Croatian history and tradition was of course the inspiration for some of the O’Niro designs.”

O'NIRO stone art ceramic Dubrovnik Go Dubrovnik plats

Since his grandmother played such a big part in his life he has dedicated several products to her homeland, Konavle. The tile designs Anais, Heanea and Nadara in particular show strong links with traditional patterns from Konavle. O’NIRO was born as a project between the four creative people, all coming from the natural stone industry, who decided together to elevate an old traditional technique to meet today’s trends and quality standards.

Dubrovnik O'NIRO Konavle style details ceramic

The line of products they present preserves the natural beauty and characteristics of lava stone, complementing it with a diversity of decorations in enamel glaze. The finish is offered in four different glazing techniques, changing both the appearance and the technical properties of the tile, offering a wide range of application. All products are suitable for high traffic use, making it a perfect material for surfaces in retail, hotels, restaurants as well as kitchen counter tops.

details art design style O'NIRO Dubrovnik Go Dubrovnik

Every product is carefully handmade in Italy but they have a connection with Dubrovnik. Here is a secret tie between Croatia and Italy that is carved in stone and formed with a great love for Croatian tradition and the beauty of Dubrovnik.

Photos by: O’NIRO