Dubrovnik’s magic on world known bikinis


Darija Bazdan is a Textile Designer at Nap Atelier. She is from Dubrovnik & she left a piece of Dubrovnik on her designs. But who are we to talk about Daria anyway. Her works of art tell the whole story. And Daria will let you know the rest.

 Who is Daria Bazdan?

Iunnamed am an illustrator and pattern designer from Dubrovnik with an academic background in painting. I work as a freelance Art Director for interior design startup companies. Currently, I am engaged in coordinating a team of designers in the Home ware department, as well as creating my own range of wallpapers and textiles. I have always been passionate about the arts, but especially drawing. I was fortunate enough to have had next to me those incredible mentors who helped me
discover and further shape this part of me called “talent”.

Dubrovnik is your hometown. Tell us about your relationship with it.

Senza titolo-7I will never forget our passionate Prof. Atac, or wonderful Prof. Lucijanovic’s drawing lessons and introduction to ink and Durer, during my highscool years in Dubrovnik’s Art’s school. Although I hold my city dear to my heart, I have always dreamt about discovering the world, living abroad and building my life and career somewhere else. Nevertheless, I embarked on my first intercontinental flight very late – at the age 21 – in order to study in the U.S., and obtain my MFA degree. I never stopped travelling ever since. Also, I was fortunate to meet my other half on the other side of the world. We were married 11 years ago here in Turin, Italy.

                                                                                 What inspires you?

12A lot of inspiration for my work comes from nature. Traveling is also very important to me. In this high-pressured, fast-moving world we need to make time to get out and explore. I called my self fortunate, because I discovered my passion quite early and had the opportunity to build something with it. I believe that when you are doing something you love every day, if you get up and you can’t wait to start engaging in it, then such a passion is good for everyone.


What’s, in your opinion, the most important thing in life?

78Kindness is something I value most in myself and other people. You can’t necessarily love everyone, or give your attention to every person you meet on the street, since it takes a lot of time and effort. But, you can certainly be kind to everyone. It has almost been two decades that I have been away from Dubrovnik. This time of year is always a yearning moment where I dream about the Adriatic, our stones and all the beautiful people that are waiting for us to arrive in August. I have traveled a lot during the past decade. However, I never managed to find the same magic that our city offers to the world, and that’s what I miss the most.


Photo : Daria Bazdan