Factors to Consider in Purchasing Used Construction Equipment


Construction equipment is expensive, but buying equipment is the best way to make sure your company is fully furnished and ready for any project. When it comes time to buy something new, option for used equipment can help you save a significant amount of money – as long as you get a good deal and don’t spend too much on equipment that’s just going to need a lot of extra money spent to get it to work. Use the following to help you find the best deals for the money. 

Condition of the Equipment

Always check the condition of the equipment carefully. There are used heavy equipment parts available if repairs are needed, but keep that in mind when you’re negotiating a price. Make sure you have the budget to purchase the equipment and the parts you need to repair it. If it’s too expensive for the repairs needed, it may be a good idea to pass and continue your search for the right equipment.

The Equipment’s Maintenance Record

A maintenance record is an invaluable tool and provides the opportunity for you to find out the care provided to the equipment by previous owners. Do not purchase equipment that is missing the maintenance log, as there may be hidden repairs that will be incredibly costly to fix. Ask questions if necessary about the accuracy of the record and the most recent maintenance that was done to ensure you understand the current condition of the equipment. 

Signs of Repairs

Equipment may need to be repaired occasionally, but the repairs should always be carried out by a professional. Check the welding of any repairs to make sure it was done right. If it was not done correctly, there may be a higher chance that the repair will fail in the future, which could lead to injuries or damage to property. Walk away from poor repairs or negotiate a lower price to cover the cost of having them done correctly. 

Potential for Replacement Parts

How old is the equipment you’re looking at? If it’s too old, replacement parts may not be available. Newer equipment may be a little more expensive, but you’ll be able to repair it if necessary. Older equipment may not be repairable or too expensive to repair because of the lack of replacement parts available today. 

The Listing Price for the Equipment

Always consider the listing price for the equipment carefully. Determine whether it’s within your budget and make sure it’s reasonable for the condition of the equipment. You won’t want to pay like-new prices for something that is incredibly old, has visible repairs, or that needs a lot of work. Negotiate with the seller if possible to make sure you get a fantastic deal on the equipment, even if you have to do a few repairs to get it working. 

Saving money is possible when you need to purchase construction equipment, but it is crucial you are careful when looking into the options available to find the right one for your company. By using the information here, you can make sure you get a good deal and end up purchasing equipment that is safe and in usable condition, so you can start using it right away. Always take the time to carefully inspect potential equipment, so you can make sure you aren’t spending too much money.