Long before street style photography became a pop-culture phenomenon, there was just photography. Photographers captured the same things they are capturing today, but when we’re looking at those vintage photos today, it seems like they simply have more soul. Maybe that’s beacuse photography and video (together with their special effects and filters) are basically everywhere these days, that sometimes, we don’t even notice it… It’s the same with fashion bloggers, Instagram influencers etc. Trends keep changing on weekly basis, people are traveling more than ever, and sometimes it even seems like people are traveling not to discover new places, cultures and to feel alive but to take photos. How sad is that?

 It feels like a photograph used to have a higher value, it was taken only when the timing was perfect (forget about endles space at you iCloud), it truly captued a moment in time, it was ment to last forever, and in every household it was kept in special boxes just like the real treasure.

This is the very reason why we love “time traveling”, and today, we decided to time travel with you. So, if you ever wondered what fashion looked like in Dubrovnik many years ago you will love today’s gallery. We are bringing you the vintage Dubrovnik. Enjoy.

Photo credit : Historical images of Dubrovnik