Dubrovnik is beautiful during summer, but it can get pretty crowded. If you’re one of those travelers that like their vacation a bit more relaxed, our advice is to visit Dubrovnik during Fall. There’s still plenty of sun, and some people still enjoy beaches during sunny days, temperatures are lower so you won’t get too hot walking around, and the best of all, the picturesque squares and little streets are less crowded so you can get those prefect Instagram shots. Let’s not forget to mention that prices are lower too!

fall in dubrovnik

If you decide to visit Dubrovnik during the fall you’ll be able to enjoy the wine country tours. The beautiful local vineyards harvest their grapes in fall, so you can easily plan your visit to wineries of Konvale and Pelješac peninsula. Not only you’ll get an opportunity to witness but also to participate in the traditional harvest. We promise, after you taste some of the wines, you will fall in love with Dubrovnik region even more.

wineyards dubrovnik

One thing that us, locals, get asked a lot by our guests is – what to pack for fall in Dubrovnik. The answer is simple: LAYERS, LAYERS and some more LAYERS. The weather keeps changing, from hour to hour, so you might get clouds, wind, rain and sun all in one day. With layering of clothing items you’ll be able to change fast, and stay comfortable .

And what about shoes?

There is still time to wear your flip-flops, but we strongly recommand to bring some loafers, mocassins or sneakers if you’re planing to walk around a lot. Dubrovnik streets are not the perfect place for stilettos but local girls love to wear their heels. Still, if you don’t feel very confident walking around in high heels, we recommend sticking with a block heel. They’re  very trendy right now so we’re sure you’ll find your perfect pair that will go perfectly with your dresses and also with shorts and a tank.

We found some awesome outfits that will help you to stay casual in all ocassions.  Check it out!

dubrovnik pack

Photo: Unsplash, Pintrest, Go Dubrovnik Archive