If you are new to the concept of online PDF converter tools then you should first of all know that these converter tools are online software programs that can assist you in changing all sorts of PDF files into editable formats like MS Word. 

In this article, we are going to throw light on the best online PDF to doc converter tools that can help you change native, scanned, image-based, and even protected PDF files to word without any trouble. 

PDF to Word

You must know that word files are not the best choice when it comes to viewing, storing, archiving, or even sharing so you would also need a conversion platform that can cater the manipulation of word files to PDF. 

What to consider in a PDF to word converter tool?

Before we tell you about the top PDF to doc converter tools we would like you to know that there are plenty of choices that you would find online but not all of them are trustworthy. The best PDF converter tools that we have listed below have tons of qualities that make them jewels of the crown. Some of the features that you should consider in a PDF to word converter tool are listed here:

  1. It should offer top-quality conversions.
  2. The tool should accept multiple formats as input.
  3. The conversion process should be fast otherwise there would be no need of using the online tool.
  4. The PDF converter should also offer OCR feature for converting scanned files to word.
  5. PDF converter must also provide you options to cater batch conversion of files/folders!
  6. The tool should have a simple and understandable interface.

Now that you know what you should consider, let us walk you through the best options that you can find on the web these days.

Best PDF to Word Converter tools for everyone!

We have tested all of these PDF converter tools and would like you to know that they are quite reliable in their work!

  • PlagiarismDetector.Net – PDF to Word

This is a relatively new pdf to doc tool in this league but has managed to win first place because of its accurate and reliable results. One of the common problems faced by users in online conversions is the tampering of the structure of the file in the process of conversion but you must know that this PDF to word converter would religiously protect the structure and the contents of your files while converting them. This PDF to word converter tool is free to use and there are no limits that you have to worry about. You can input hundreds of PDF files and convert them to word with the help of this tool. This PDF to Word converter tool can simply change native as well as scanned PDF files to docs without any hassle.

  • Talk Helper PDF Converter 

This is an all-in-one PDF converter website that can cater to multiple types of conversions including PDF to word. The PDF to word converter tool is one of the perfect and most basic utilities found on this site. This PDF to word converter can cater not only to partial conversions but also large batches. Furthermore, if you don’t want the whole file to be converted into word or text then you can also select a specific portion and change it to word with this helper tool. The interface of talk helper PDF is quite simple & elegant and even a new user can be an expert at it. This platform also offers a free OCR conversion feature which adds more to its credibility. This PDF converter tool works in more than 40 different languages!

PDF to Word

  • Wondershare PDF Element 

This is another website cum application source that can assist you in changing PDF files into all sorts of editable formats. You can use it for free and without any restrictions. With the PDF tool, you can easily change the files to not only word but also other editable formats as well as image-based formats. If you want a free PDF to Word converter tool with a simple interface that can easily retain the original format and layout of the file then you should surely connect with Wondershare PDF. 

  • PDF to Word converter by SmallSEOTools

The PDF to Word converter by smallseotools.com is one out of dozens of PDF tools listed on this site. It is one of the easiest to use tools that can be used by both commercial and private users. The PDF to word converter is free to use and can be used on any device as long as you have a browser and web connection on it. You can change as many files as you want with smallseotools. The tool is known to be the best one because it can change the file to the highest quality. This pdf to doc converter can cater to the conversion of native PDF files as well as scanned docs! 

We would suggest you try any of these converter tools if you want to enjoy secure and fast conversions!