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1. Dubrovnik is small. One day of sight-seeing will be enough to see everything.
Well, this is one of the biggest misconceptions. Even though it might appear small on the map, the city is so rich in monuments, history and culture that there’s no way one day here would be nearly enough to explore. If you really want to enjoy Dubrovnik to the fullest, make sure you make your arrangements for at least 3- 5 days.

2. I can book my accommodation on arrival.
Wrong! Make sure you book your hotel or apartment before you arrive. During the high season, Dubrovnik is pretty much crazy. Sure you can find something when you get here (there are plenty of people holding “soba-zimmer-room” signs in the harbour or at the airport) but this could be very tricky and pricy. Also, these apartments are sometimes located too far from where you want to be.

island Lastovo Dubrovnik nature Chasing the Donkey blogger3. Ferries will take me everywhere.
It doesn’t always work that way. This is where the most of the travellers make mistakes. Yes, every inhabited island has a car ferry connection to the coast that runs at least once a day. BUT, there are many places on the coast that don’t have a ferry connection to every island and all islands are not connected by ferry. If you want to make sure you check out the amazing islands near Dubrovnik, I suggest you check out Adriatic Explore and book your tour here. They offer all kinds of guided tours, and one thing is sure; you won’t end up disappointed.

Sights Bites food tour Dubrovnik gastro salt oil restaurant food4. Croatia and Dubrovnik are cheap.
The sun and sea are free, but when it comes to restaurants, it can get pricy. Especially if you want to eat something else except pizza and pasta. Make sure you visit restaurant Salvatore on Dubrovnik city walls and check out the best of what Dubrovnik has to offer. When it comes to other stuff like groceries, petrol or clothes, Croatian prices are pretty much the same as in the rest of Western Europe.

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dubrovnik smart card

5. I don’t need cash, I’ll pay everything with my credit card.
You can pay for you hotel or your car rental with a credit card, but most of the private accommodation is cash only. And even though we are in European Union, our currency is Croatian Kuna. Make sure you always have some money with you, because some small restaurants and cafes also don’t accept credit cards.

6. I can visit The Walls of Dubrovnik whenever!

Yes you can, but if you’re smart – you won’t. I can’t stress this enough! Even though the walk along famous city walls of Dubrovnik that surround the Old Town is a extraordinary experience, whatever you do, don’t go there from 10 AM to 2PM. It gets pretty hot, and very crowded. Instead, go there in the late afternoon. Also, make sure you wear something comfortable (leave your flip-flops at home), bring a bottle of water and sun protection. The walls are 1,940 metres long and if you want to walk all the way around them it will take about 2 hours.

Dubronik Wine Tours Adriatic Exoplore

7. The Old city is the best part of Dubrovnik.
Yes, it’s wonderful but Dubrovnik area has much more to offer. I know plenty of travellers that before they arrived thought Dubrovnik is just what you see on the typical postcard. Have you checked out Konavle, Trsteno or Pelješac? What about these beaches? Our website is full of local’s tips and advices on how to sped quality time while here. Explore more, and don’t limit yourself to one area only.

8. Dubrovnik is a summer location only.
Summer in Dubrovnik is an unforgettable experience, but every smart traveller knows that this city is beautiful during early fall as well. If you want to avoid crowded streets and beaches consider visiting Dubrovnik in September, or even during Winter festival. If you’re in luck, it might even snow.

Lovijenac roofs Vlaho Dubrovnik Photography Tour Travel Dubrovnik Instagram Photos

9. Obsessive photography
You don’t need to document every street, every statue. Not only it kills the spontaneity and experience itself, it’s pretty annoying for the locals as well.
You don’t need 500 photos of sunsets and plates of food.
Your trip shouldn’t be defined by the low-quality images that nobody back home wants to spend 20 minutes scrolling.

Lavender Souvenirs from Dubrovnik

10. Buying just any souvenir. 
You’ll find plenty of budget-friendly Dubrovnik key rings and I love Dubrovnik t-shirts but thanks to the city’s culture and diversity, you can also find better offers. You need help? Here, you can find our top picks.


One of the biggest traveling mistakes is visiting just one city. If you’re interested in exploring other Croatian locations, make sure you check out these amazing Croatian cruises.


Cover photo: Dario Bandur