How did a Croatian girl living abroad spend the traditional Easter in Dubrovnik?

We wanted to find out what was Ivana’s impression of coming back home to Dubrovnik from London, United Kingdom, to celebrate a traditional Easter holidays with her family. We asked her questions to get a perception of celebrating Easter in her hometown versus abroad, in the UK.

Ivana Kojic gave us an introduction to her own personal experience of living in a big city such as London. She started off with giving us an insight of her everyday life. Ivana is doing her master degree at Regents University, the University located at Regent’s Park, where everything seems to be colorful and green, as it does not give an impression of how big of the city London is. The University Ivana is attending is an American University, which welcomes students from all around the world and very few of them do actually celebrate our Catholic Easter. Therefore, considering the variety of the nationalities at Ivana’s University, the students rarely share the same feelings and traditions for Easter compared to what Dubrovnik’s youth experiences.


For that reason, Ivana rather chooses to come home and enjoy the warm ambience of her family and friends who share the common Easter practices. Her favorite activity for the Easter weekend is one of the oldest traditions for this time of the year, known as “penganje jaja”, which she tends to do with the help of her two sisters.

“Trust me! Nothing compares to coming home and seeing a big family table, rich with local dishes and variety of tastes. Also, nothing beats the flavors of my mother’s homemade French salad that I do not tend to find anywhere else in the big World” – says Ivana, while we took a second to imagine the warmth of the traditional Easter cuisine in Dubrovnik.


However! The common Easter kitchen is not everything that makes the Easter here so special, we agreed. Easter in Dubrovnik is much more than that, it is a unique feeling of togetherness between the family members and their close friends.



The aforementioned characteristics are the factors that bring Ivana home every year. “It is worth of every effort, every flight and planning to live through such experience and enjoy the Easter journey, once again”, says Ivana.

While chatting with Ivana, we have learned that the Easter celebrated in Dubrovnik fills us with love, the feeling of sharing, and above all – the one of the utmost happiness.