Getting Started with Sports Betting in Dubrovnik and Croatia

sports betting in dubrovnik

Sports betting is now a global sensation, and there are many sportsbooks to join these days. We’ve seen the industry grow massively in major countries across Europe and North America, including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, and many others. The sector continuously grows and reaches many regions, including our own Dubrovnik. 

When you visit us, you will find different sports betting sites to choose from, and they each offer incredible playing incentives. In addition, these sportsbooks have resources to help you get started, including NBA news, football trends, NFL stats, and others. 

So, whenever you are in Croatia and decide to take a trip down to us in Dubrovnik, this is a guide to help you get started in sports betting.

Understand the Sports Betting Rules in the Country

It does not matter what country you decide to visit. Before diving into sports betting, you need to understand the country’s stance. 

Fortunately, sports betting and other forms of gambling are legal in the country. It is regulated by the “Zakon o igrama na sreću” (Gambling Act), enforced in 2015. 

In that case, as long as you are above the age of 18, you can decide to visit the various land-based casinos, go online to play at online gambling sites, and so on. 

Choose the Right Sportsbook

With sports betting allowed in every city, including Dubrovnik, what you have to do next is to choose the right, licensed sportsbook in the country. There are multiple online and physical sports betting sites that you can visit across Croatia. Dubrovnik has four gaming clubs with slot machines and offers sports betting. 

Aside from that, you can also join the multiple licensed online sportsbooks. There are more than 600 online sports betting sites to choose from, so you might have to spend some time getting through them. 

However, since they are licensed in the country, we trust that they will offer fair gaming and a beautiful experience.

Create an Account

Once you have selected a sportsbook or two, you should create an account next. To do this, you need to follow a simple set of instructions. 

If you are already familiar with online bookmakers, you would not have a problem getting them since they all follow similar registration processes. However, as a newbie, we advise that you take the time to read through the instructions and follow them thoroughly. Also, make sure that you enter your details in the appropriate fields.

sports betting in dubrovnik

Claim the Welcome Bonus

Many sports betting sites offer welcome bonus packages to newly registered players. So, before you join any casino, you might want to confirm that they provide one. After you complete your registration, if they do, follow the steps provided for you to claim the offer. 

If you are confused, you can simply contact the casino’s support to clarify the issues. Note that these bonuses may or may not require you to deposit before you can claim. And, you might need to provide a bonus code before you can receive the bonus.

Notable Sports Betting Markets and Options to Consider

With a fully-funded sports betting account, the next thing to do is start placing bets. But suppose you are entirely new to the industry. In that case, you have to understand the different betting markets and options to consider. These markets and opportunities are what you predict and place your bets on. Some of the notable sports betting markets include:

  • Moneyline
  • Points Spread or Handicap
  • Outright
  • Goals
  • Over/under
  • Props or Specials

The odds for each market vary from one sportsbook to another. So, you might want to consider that when choosing your preferred betting site.

Final Thoughts

Sports betting in Dubrovnik and Croatia is similar to any other major country that has legalized gambling. Here, you will enjoy all the benefits of betting online. As long as you are above 18 and do not have a gambling problem, you will enjoy sports betting in Dubrovnik and Croatia.