Luxury watches are not ordinary accessories. Not only because of their prices that they hold so much value. But because every watch detail and movement is intricately crafted and deliberately manufactured to bring out such marvelous timepieces. No wonder anyone who owns and wears them has so much pride and class. 

Glashutte Watch

You must be here because you are looking for one yourself, and Glashutte must have caught your attention. The German watch Glashutte Original may not be known as the other luxury brands with big names. Still, its craftsmanship and spirits are superior for a luxury watch brand. Here, let’s learn more about each collection to know where to start looking for the perfect Glashutte Original watch for you. 

What is Glashutte?

Glashutte goes way back to 1845 in the small Saxon town of Glashutte, Germany. For more than 100 years, it has represented the traditional German watchmaking art of the highest quality, begun by Ferdinand Adolph Lange. The watch company combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest manufacturing methods under one roof, thus producing classic, timeless timepieces. Watch enthusiasts have their eyes on Glashutte Original watches for their high performance and fancy designs. 

Their watches are powered with in-house calibers. Some have complex features like a tourbillon, perpetual calendar, or flyback chronograph. Their graceful movements feature the finest stripes, pearl, and engravings. Plus, their dials are made from their own manufacturing company in Pforzheim. Plus, these watch cases mostly come in platinum, red gold, or white gold, and even stainless steel from time to time.

What are the brand’s best collections?

The German watchmaking company has a beautiful collection ranging from timepieces that bring out a sporty character to watches with a retro feel. They also have an entire collection dedicated to both men, women, unisex, and the youth! Glashutte Original values modern design and premium quality. It is best seen in the timepieces present in the market! 

Glashutte Original has five distinctive watch collections. Namely, the Pano, Senator, Spezialist, Vintage, and the Ladies collections. The Pano gives off a playful and atypical vibe from its designs matched with an asymmetrical dial and contemporary visuals.

The Senator is more on elegance and is famous for its functionality of the watch. The Specialist is best known for its professional functions that have optimum performance, despite extreme conditions. The Vintage depicts the art for the two dynamic decades in a stylish modern way. The Ladies provides classic and feminine timepiece creations with oozing gracefulness for women. 

Each of the collections upholds the brand’s values and spirits. As well as represents its craftsmanship in the best way that completes the needs and taste of watch wearers. Truly, rendering its high standard of quality, precision, and top-notch artistry. 

The Pano Collection

The first collection we will present to you is The Pano collection, adored for its asymmetrical design, panorama date, and complications. The watches in this collection combine traditional design with contemporary elegance. Among them there is The PanoMaticLunar. It is one of its most famous models, which features a small seconds dial, panorama date, and moon phase indicator. The automatic watch has a steel version and a gold edition.

The Senator Collection

The next one on the list is The Senator Collection that overflows with charisma and confidence as the classic and traditional branch of the Glashutte Original catalog. If you prefer a Chronograph, the Senator has a solid selection to choose from. They also have a wide array of three-hand models. And amazingly, you are free to pick watch models that are with or without a date, as well as those with a moon phase indicator, programmable alarm, or perpetual calendar. Their cases also come in steel or gold versions. Its best collection is the Senator Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon, a 48-mm platinum watch with a manual caliber of 89-01, providing a perpetual calendar and a second-time zone. This is aimed by many for its complexity.

The Spezialist Collection

Suppose you are for sports and adventure and want a stylish wristwatch and complements your outgoing spirit. In that case, this might be the collection for you! For simple terms, the Spezialist has the “sporty watches,” created to exceed expectations. The collection is inspired by the first Glashutte diver’s watch, so it has maximum reliability above and underwater. Its premier watch model, the SeaQ, is powered by Glashutte’s automatic movement Calibre 39-11 with a heavy metal oscillating mass. Fixed with a stainless steel case, a 39.5 mm diameter, and a running time of 40 hours, the sporty timepiece is indeed a stylish and adventurous companion.

The Vintage Collection

The Vintage collection is for watch lovers who are into retro designs. The timepieces are greatly influenced by the Spezimatic watches produced in former East Germany. They have the Sixties and Seventies collection. The Sixties collection has dialed in silvery-white, graphite black, shimmering blue, deep green, or a bright reddish-orange. The three-hand watch is manufactured in gold or stainless steel, with or without a panorama date. Next, the Seventies collection has a white, gray, or sunburst blue dial. It is built with a square stainless steel case. You can choose from a three-hand model with a date (Seventies Panorama Date) or a chronograph with a flyback function (Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date).

The Ladies Collection

The last one is The Ladies Collection. All of the watches in this collection exude feminity, class, and elegance in their design and overall finish. Depending on your style and preference, the wristwatches have beautiful dazzling diamonds. Some models don’t come with diamonds if you are opting for a more straightforward design. In this collection, there are The Pavonina, Lady Serenade, and PanoMatic Luna models.


Glashutte has a wide range of exquisite ravishing watch collections coming with various styles, designs, sizes, colors, functions, etc. With all the lovely watches they have, it will be challenging for you to search for the perfect one, especially if you do not know where to begin or what you want. Well, in finding the best watch for you, you should have to consider how it will suit your personality, your taste, and most importantly, the setting. A wristwatch is maybe just lying on your wrist. Still, it can give the most significant impression to many about your character and fashion, especially how you value time. Stick through if you want to know more about Glashutte watches.

By having brief knowledge of each collection, we are sure you finally know where to begin your search for the watch. It is essential to be clear and confident with your style and your preferences in a watch, as luxury timepieces hold so much value. Glashutte has a wide variety of watch models, so you can start by going through each collection. To know more about their services and other watch details, you can visit their website!