Traditionally speaking, bookmakers have always accepted bets on sporting events. If you like gambling on sports, this is where you would head for your wager. However, times are changing, and although traditional gambling destinations are still popular,  bookmakers are becoming very diverse, moving into other areas.

We have seen a real change over the past decade. Of course, bookmakers still accept bets on sport. Yet, they have added many other elements to their service, allowing people who don’t like sports to bet on other things.

New players can get welcome offers dedicated to political betting, reality TV betting, and even TV & Film betting. Usually, betting bonuses expire after 7 days, so they need to be used quickly. These offer brand new players who are not sports fans the chance to get a bonus and place a bet.

Here is a look at what you can bet on away from sports with a bookmaker.

Political Betting

The last decade has been a wild one in politics, from big elections in the UK and the USA to significant events such as the Brexit referendum.

While these happened at different times, featuring different countries around the world, they all had one thing in common, people could bet on them.

Politics is something that appeals to a wide range of people. Many have an opinion on what is happening and also what will happen in the future.

If you are one of these people, you can put money on your political thoughts to come true by placing a wager with a bookmaker.

Most, if not all, bookmakers accept political bets on significant events with the leaders in this field. Offering a wide range of markets to their customers and breaking down on an even more comprehensive platform.


TV & Film Betting

The vast majority of people around the world own a TV and are into TV and films. This opens up a large new door for bookmakers, something we have watched them try to crack over the past decade.

When it comes to TV & film betting, this covers a wide range of things. From awards night where you can place a bet on which TV shows you think will come out on top to reality TV, you bet on how the public will vote.

Films are covered by the betting that we see on awards, such as the Oscars, Golden Globes, and BAFTAs.

If you like films, or indeed if you are a reality TV fan, then there will always be something coming up in the TV & Film section that you can bet on to add to your enjoyment of the shows you watch.



Some will argue that eSports are indeed a sport, but because of how the bookmakers have got behind eSports, it is still worth mentioning.

Rather than playing a sport, eSports are competitions between people playing video games. For the past couple of decades, this has really grown in popularity, with leagues, teams, and substantial money competitions all set up for participants.

The eSports industry has been working well with the betting industry to create a great platform witb great games. If you like eSports and want to bet on them, then you can log onto a bookmaker site, place bets and even watch events live if you wish to.

Traditional sports betting doesn’t include eSports. But if things keep traveling in the same direction, eSports could soon be mentioned in the same breath as some traditional sports in terms of its betting reach.