How Much Do Your Escorted Peru Tour Packages Cost?


So, you’re dreaming of exploring the wonders of Peru, and now you’re curious about the cost of escorted tour packages. We get it – planning a trip is like piecing together a puzzle, and the budget is an important piece. In this blog, we’ll take a journey together to uncover the factors that influence the cost of an escorted tour to Peru. Let’s dive in and make sure your dream trip aligns with your budget.

Variety of Packages

Similar to ice cream flavors, escorted Peru tour packages come in various varieties. From budget-conscious tours to extravagant experiences, there are numerous packages from which you can select. Prices may differ depending on which accommodations, activities and inclusions are most desired in a tour package.

Duration of the Tour

Before selecting packages, one key factor to keep in mind when making travel decisions is tour duration. Consider it as chapters in a book; longer tours tend to cover more destinations and offer more inclusions, though this may come with higher costs due to its extended duration and additional activities. Plan wisely according to your budget constraints when determining how long of a tour you should go on.

Accommodation Choices

Hotels are like cozy nests during your journey. The type of accommodations you choose plays a role in the cost of the package. Options range from budget hotels to boutique stays and luxury resorts. The level of comfort and amenities can influence the overall price. Always remember that the choice of hotel can make or break a trip. If you chose a bad hotel without properly investigating the package, then the whole trip would turn out to be a nightmare for you and your family. 

Activities and Inclusions

Imagine a treasure chest filled with activities, that’s what inclusions are. Some packages might include more guided tours, entrance fees to attractions, meals, and transportation. More inclusions often mean a higher cost, but they also offer a more hassle-free and immersive experience.

Transportation Modes

Getting from one amazing site to another is part of the adventure. The mode of transportation can affect the cost. Some packages use buses or trains, while others might include flights. Keep in mind that more convenient transportation options might come with a higher price. So, plan your trip and package keeping in mind the mode of transport as a priority. If you have a high budget then indulge in the most luxurious travel mode, but if the budget is limited, make it clear with the tour operator, so that he can plan a public transport included tour. 

Group Size

Think of the tour group as a team in a game. The size of the group can influence the cost. Smaller groups might offer a more personalized experience and come with a slightly higher price per person. Larger groups could offer a more budget-friendly option.

Guides and Experts

Guides are like game masters, leading you through the adventure. Packages with experienced and knowledgeable guides might have a higher cost. These experts provide insights, stories, and valuable information that enhance your journey.

Seasonal Factors

Travel seasons are like different levels in a game – each has its own challenges and rewards. High travel seasons often come with higher prices due to increased demand. If you’re flexible with your travel dates, you might find more budget-friendly options during off-peak times.

Destination Highlights

Peru is like a treasure trove with different gems waiting to be discovered. The destinations included in the package can affect the cost. Famous sites like Machu Picchu might contribute to a higher package price due to their popularity and entrance fees.

Currency Exchange Rates

Currency exchange rates are like the game’s score – they keep changing. If your local currency is stronger than the Peruvian sol, you might find the package more affordable. On the flip side, a weaker exchange rate could impact the overall cost.


You’ve just unveiled the layers that determine the cost of escorted Peru tour packages. Remember, planning a trip is like planning an epic quest – each decision affects the outcome. By considering factors like package type, duration, accommodations, and inclusions, you can align your dream adventure with your budget. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious escape or a budget-friendly exploration, there’s a package that suits your preferences. So, go ahead, calculate your resources, and embark on your Peruvian adventure with excitement and confidence.