How To Get Your Casino Payouts Faster: 5 Tricks


5 Tricks To Get Casino Payouts Faster

What’s the most vital thing in gambling putting aside the process as such? The wins, of course. Many of us want just two things in this regard: to win and get the money as soon as possible. As to the former, let’s be honest, it’s pure luck. But as to the latter, you can actually do a few things to make that happen.

1. Complete KYC as Soon as Possible

Many gamblers think a KYC is unnecessary and even risky. It’s not in reality. As they explain at Stake (which is widely known as one of the most reputable gambling sites), KYC is, above all else, required for preventing crime. Plus, they need it to protect players. That’s why they may collect data about a player’s age, geo, and so on.

So, first things first, don’t be hostile towards a KYC, it’s a good thing. Besides, try to complete the procedure as soon as possible. Provide what they ask for after registration because if you forget to do so, there’ll be an unpleasant delay when it’s time to withdraw. Once the casino verifies your identity, they’ll process your withdrawal requests faster.

2. Understand How Bonuses Impact Payouts

Everyone knows bonuses are cool. Few know they can complicate withdrawals. That’s right, they can do so because of wagering requirements. Each bonus (welcome offers, reload bonuses, cashback, etc.) has certain conditions. These dictate how much you need to bet before withdrawing. They also dictate how much you can collect if you win.

For example, you are playing with bonus funds. You win $5k. You know you’ve wagered the bonus sum as many times as they ask you to, and so you request a payout. And it’s declined. A mistake? Not necessarily. Perhaps, you have requested more than the bonus’s maximum win is. Sounds quite complicated but it’s usually enough to quickly look through the bonus’s requirements to get an idea of what to expect.

3. Use the Same Method for Deposits and Withdrawals

This one is super important! Most casinos clearly say they expect you to use the same method for ALL transactions. This helps them to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

What does this mean for you then? When choosing the deposit method, always consider how it will work for withdrawals, too. For example, deposits with credit cards may be instant. But withdrawals with them may take days.

4. Use Cryptocurrencies

Many gambling sites support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. There are two cool things about payments in crypto. They are

  • faster than other payments
  • normally free.

Of course, you need to be at least somewhat familiar with crypto as an instrument. But that’s no rocket science. Plus, many online casinos including the aforementioned Stake, allow you to buy it right on their site.

5. Check Withdrawal Limits and Ways to Increase Them

You already know that there are limits on how much of your wins you can collect if you were using bonus funds. In addition to this, most casinos set daily, weekly, or monthly limits on how much you can actually withdraw. Always keep this in mind.

A little trick to memorize is that VIP players often have higher limits. So it may be worth checking the VIP program terms to see how you can qualify for increased limits. Sometimes, VIPs even enjoy priority payouts. This means that the casino processes their withdrawal requests in the priority order.


To sum it up, when playing casino games, you’d normally rely on luck. When requesting a payout, do rely on a thoughtful approach. Keep in mind what the withdrawal speed depends upon (we’ve reviewed all the major factors) and take steps to accelerate the process.