If you’re in search of a little inspiration to spruce up your Instagram account, look no further than Dubrovnik. Here you will find jaw-dropping natural wonders, brilliantly designed pieces of architecture and historical scenery to give you the perfect shot that will undoubtedly make all your Instagram followers jealous. Start planning an afternoon of sightseeing and check out these ten Dubrovnik locations for a day of fun and prime Instagram locations!

The City Walls. This one doesn’t need further explanations.

Dubrovnik city walls
Banje Beach. Just above this beautiful beach you will find several perfect locations to take your IG snap.

dubrovnik beach banjeRozeta. This beautiful Mediterranean motif inspired many artists trough centuries. If you want your photo to look like a real postcard, this is another creative option to consider 🙂
Room with the view. No matter if you’re staying in a 5 star hotel or private accommodation, we’re sure there’s something to brag about on Instagram. Make them jealous !

Dubrovnik rozeta

Street Life. The Old City is a perfect place to take photos like this. It doesn’t really matter where you stand.

Dubrovnik streets
Whats on your plate. Yeah, we know you won’t resist once you see all delicious stuff you can eat in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik restaurants
Srđ hill. The view from up there is just breathtaking.

dubrovnik srd hill
Look for the details, they are everywhere. Look for the small stone carvings , statues, sleeping cats, old fishermen,or simply that few-hundred-years-old-stone-floor you’re walking over? Details make the big picture.


The Islands. No matter where the boat takes you, you will make a perfect holiday photo collection.

dubrovnik islands
Porporela. This place is adored by the love couples and one of the most romantic parts of Dubrovnik. Do we need to say more?

dubrovnik porporela
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Photo credit: Antonio Bokšić, Lena Šutić