How To Store Cannabis Seeds?


In the last decade, there’s been a positive change in our country’s stance around cannabis use. It’s an integral part of US society now, and it has now become a preferred choice for both recreational and medical purposes. 

You can easily buy your favorite CBD gummies and tinctures from a reputable online CBD store with just a few clicks. Many states now allow you to grow your own cannabis plant at home, and its commercial cultivation for making CBD products is also on the rise.

To grow a cannabinoid-rich and high-quality cannabis plant, it’s essential to have high-quality, well-stored cannabis seeds. Naturally, they are quite sturdy and have a strong outer shell, but they can definitely go bad due to bad environmental and storage conditions. 

This article will cover everything you need to learn about proper techniques for storing cannabis seeds. By learning these techniques, growers can preserve their precious cannabis seeds for years to come and ensure a regular supply of high-quality cannabis plants.

Environmental Factors to Consider When Storing Cannabis Seeds

Just like other natural plant sources, cannabis seeds are also alive. Of course, they only become active when you sow them, but letting them lie around in the wrong conditions can kill their germination powers. 

Hence, it’s necessary to store them properly by keeping the following conditions in mind:


Fluctuations in temperature can make your cannabis seeds go bad. The plant usually blooms in springs; hence, it’s essential to store them at stable levels throughout the year, especially in winter. 

The ideal temperature range for long-term cannabis seed storage is between 42°F and 46°F (5°C and 8°C). Extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold, can damage the seeds and compromise their germination ability. 

So try to avoid storing seeds in areas with temperature fluctuations or exposure to direct sunlight. Usually, it’s recommended to keep them in a cool and dark place. Try to keep them in a separate fridge so that you don’t damage them by opening the door again and again like your main fridge. 


A rise in humidity levels can result in shell damage, and moisture can seep in, which may result in an earlier bloom than is required. If the seed blooms in the wrong season, the plant simply won’t survive. 

The recommended humidity level for cannabis seed storage is between 20% and 30% relative humidity. Too much moisture can lead to mold growth and premature germination, and excessive dryness can cause the seeds to become brittle and lose their growing potential. 

Hence, try to maintain a balance. You can use a plant moisture meter to keep a check on humidity levels.

Light & Air Exposure

Light acts as a stimulus for growth, and most cultivators use artificial UV lights to boost their cannabis plants’s growth. Hence, exposure to light can trigger a premature germination process. 

This can deplete the seeds’ energy reserves, rendering them useless when actual growth time comes. 

So try to store it in light-cutting covers, jars, or bags, and make sure that they are airtight. Why airtight? because oxygen exposure can accelerate the aging process of seeds and reduce their shelf life. 

Step-By-Step Ideal Storage Method 

Now that we know about all the important environmental conditions, let’s take a look at how you can effectively store your cannabis seeds. 

Dry them completely 

Seeds must be completely dry before storage. Any leftover moisture can lead to mold growth or premature germination. Spread the seeds out on a clean surface and allow them to air dry for several days. 

Alternatively, you can use a food dehydrator set to a low temperature (around 95°F or 35°C) to speed up the drying process. If you buy them from reputable sources, they’ll already be in dry condition in a vacuum-sealed bag. 

Choose the storage container

Choose airtight containers or moisture-proof bags specifically designed for seed storage. Glass jars with tight-fitting lids, vacuum-sealed bags, or mylar bags with moisture-absorbing packets are the best options. Avoid using plastic bags or containers that can trap moisture and facilitate mold growth.

Label the collection properly 

Proper labeling and organization are necessary for keeping track of your seed collection. Label each container or bag with the strain name, date of harvest, and any other relevant information. 

You can also create a seed catalog or spreadsheet to maintain detailed records of your seeds’ origins, characteristics, and storage locations. This will ensure optimum utilization and a better yield. 

Seed Banks 

If you don’t have the resources and time to maintain seeds yourself, then seed banks can be a lifesaver. Commercial seed banks offer long-term storage solutions for cannabis seeds. These facilities maintain optimal temperature, humidity, and atmospheric conditions for seed preservation.

How Long Can Properly Stored Cannabis Seeds Last?

With proper storage conditions, cannabis seeds can remain good to use for several years, and in some cases, even decades. The actual age of properly stored cannabis seed mainly depends on the initial seed quality and the precision of the storage method used. 

It can also vary from one type of strain to another. You can use these seeds to grow cannabis plants at home, and you can use their flowers to make homemade CBD oils and cannabis-rich brownies. 

Buds from hemp-rich plants will have a higher CBD concentration and can help you deal with anxiety, sleep, and chronic pain-related issues. 

You can also make lots of other types of foods and recipes from home-grown cannabis plants. Similar storage techniques as seeds can also be applied to buds to improve their overall shelf life.

The Final Note

To sum it up, you can easily enhance the shelf life of your favorite strain of cannabis seeds by implementing some simple yet impactful storage techniques. 

This includes keeping them in a stable temperature environment with low humid air content and away from direct sunlight and artificial lights. It’s best to use airtight glass jars along with moisture-absorbing patches for those who live in severely humid areas.

For commercial purposes, it’s best to opt for professional seedbanks, as they have the best technology and experience to manage your batch. 

You can make plenty of CBD products with homegrown cannabis plants, and it’s even legal now in many US states to grow them at home. Just make sure to follow the government. guidelines about how many you can grow. 

If you don’t want this hassle and just want to eat some delicious CBD gummies, you can buy them from trusted, well-tested, and reputed brands like Colorado Botanicals.