Ines Tričković Ao leong: 3 things I miss about Dubrovnik!


If you live in Dubrovnik, then you have been to King’s Landing. Located down the steeps of the Srđ Hill, in the bowels of festival city, as a contrast to contemporary, genetically-modified modern cities from Deluxe Channel, your upbringing must have resulted with something special. It is a herald of art, innovations, history and beauty summed up between ancient stones configured as Lego bricks.Your first visit for sure must have been deep engraved between your neurons and even if the long term memory may depend on solely one molecule I guarantee, it won’t be lost. For the ones that are still “in arrival” status you will experience contemplating rebirth filled with drama and movie-like settings. It’s easy to astonish the new comers but this is what Dubrovnik locals miss so much while in the other parts of the beautiful World.

godubrovnik lifestyle ines trickovic three thingsInes Tričković Ao leong calls herself a clown, but she’s actually a cabaret artist, explorer & I would say a stunning young talented artist with tremendous strive for living, loving and creating. She is a rewarded & famous jazz singer that lives in Macao lap. Right now she is preparing debut New York concert that will take place in Carnegie Hall.
This is what delicate, fragile little Dubrovnik-China girl with immense voice misses about Dubrovnik the most:

1. Her grandma’s fish soup
2. The sea
3. The sound of Čiope (čiopa <chi:opa> a swift, local bird whose peculiar tweet will make Stradun even more dramatic, especially around 05 PM)

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