Interesting Facts About the City of Dubrovnik 


Do you love traveling ? So, maybe you’ve heard about some of the best places to go in Croatia and the best things to do. You write your list down. One of the cities of Croatia everyone is telling you to visit is Dubrovnik, but you’re not sure it is the right destination. This article will show some interesting facts about the city and why people recommend it.

3 Facts About Dubrovnik

Below are the main facts you should know:

One of the oldest commercial pharmacies is located there

The name is The Old Pharmacy of the Franciscan Monastery – Dubrovnik. It is said to have been around since the beginning, around 1317. It is designed to serve a church. At the time, a catholic church called Franciscan Friar relied on the pharmacy for medical supplies. Later, the pharmacy was open to the public. 

You can still visit the place to see how things have changed. It is situated beside the old monastery which it used to serve. What will you find inside? The pharmacy contains old and modern things. From the outside, it has been modernized and includes lots of modern medicine, but a part of it still serves its rich history. It still preserves many of the furniture, tools, and containers used in the early years. You can still get many products or medicines that date back to the Franciscan era. 

Game of Thrones Locations are real places in the city of Dubrovnik 

Many places in the series exist, and they can be found in Dubrovnik. If you think some of those scenes are too beautiful or look too perfect for the stage, it’s true. Those parts of Dubrovnik are unique. Remember the staircase where Cersei Lannister did her walk of shame? The area is located in the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Kings Landing in GOT has beautiful gardens and is rich in agriculture. Well, the setting you saw in the series was actually the Trsteno Arboretum, one of the finest cities of Croatia (Dubrovnik). It has some fine gardens and medieval-style architecture. 

There are many other places in Dubrovnik used in GOT. Moreover, some parts of the city were used in Star Wars shooting. If you’re visiting the city, you can ask a guide to give you a tour of all the places and the particular scenes involved.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

In 2016, the old town of Dubrovnik recorded about 1 million visitors. That’s a lot of numbers, considering it’s nearly six times smaller than New York. UNESCO named The Old Town a World Heritage Site because it is a medieval city. It is unique as if built to preserve some parts of world history that you can’t find elsewhere. 

Do you want to visit Dubrovnik? 

This city is one of the best places to visit in Croatia because of its history and because it has preserved much of what used to exist. Even better, these parts are stunning. It’s worth seeing. If you want to know more, you can check