The resurgence of popularity for ‘boho-chic’ has caught on in Croatia this summer, and a number of local brands have been offering their fashion ranges, to which they have each added their own particular Croatian signature. One of them is Kaviy Couture, whose creations have caught the eye of many Dalmatian woman and today can often be seen on the streets of Split.

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Kaviy Couture offers a range of dresses, tunics, smaller purses and big bags (Cekeri), but they all shared the same spirit of relaxed freedom for summer days. Dresses and tunics are made of natural fabrics, they come in white as the ultimate summer color and are decorated with frills and Croatian motifs in red that can often be seen on traditional costumes all over Croatia.

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Our collection was formed a month ago, and from week to week we are working on ideas for new designs and new colors. We are new to the brand but we are full of enthusiasm, ideas and motivation for further work and creations. It may sound like a cliché but really when you have the opportunity to do what you love nothing is difficult.

Kaviya Couture dress style boho chic Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik

Name of the brand is a combination of the names of four generations of women in Gvozdanovic family (Katarina, Vini, Vjera i Vjera) mother, sisters and two grandmothers who share the same name. 

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Love for folk/boho style is our inspiration and there is so little available on the market. We use Croatian fabrics that are hand-woven, so that our products all involve a lot of effort and love. We have wonderful support from so many people, both known and unknown. We are so grateful for all the beautiful words and positive responses that we have received. We have a lot of plans for the future, both in Croatia and further afield, and we are actively involved in many possibilities for cooperation. We are constantly adding to our range – we have no lack of inspiration and are working towards our autumn and winter collection and look forward to new triumphs!

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Kaviya girls are very proud that they managed to realize the most important thing, that people recognize all the love and effort that went into this products, all the real love and passion they have invested in Kaviya Couture.

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