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With the market booming with e-cigarettes these days, vape trends are taking the world by storm and everyone is eager to stay up to date. These days everything is changing, and products are more developed now than ever, which is why the vape industry is constantly being upgraded and changed. 

If you are interested in keeping up with the latest vape trends and devices in 2019, then you might want to know what sort of designs are in the market for you.

Smartphone integration 

We all can’t seem to disconnect from our phones and because this is an integral part of our daily lives, manufacturers have now worked on integrating vapes with technology by introducing this hot trend of smartphone integration. High-end vapes now come with a Bluetooth feature, giving you easy access between your vape and phone. 

Smaller designs 

Most people are now more interested in practical products rather than big and flashy ones. Just like all other technological advancements, vapes are now smaller than ever. There is no wonder that vape pens, for instance, are so popular these days. Since they can fit in your pocket, purse, or wallet, vape pens are easy to travel with, and they look extremely sleek and stylish. Vape pens are usually refillable systems since they are not pre-filled pods and can be refilled with less expensive liquids. 

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Nicotine-free vapes

Some of us might enjoy vaping, but dread having any nicotine in our systems. Well, it looks like our wishes have finally come true. Nicotine-free e-liquids are now available and are beginning to hit the market! You can now get to enjoy most vapes’ unique flavors without any of the nicotine. You might also love this option if you are trying to quit smoking. 

Vegetable glycerin in juice flavors 

Vegetable glycerin basically gives a sweeter taste to e-liquids and adds larger and thicker clouds. So, for those who are big fans of big clouds, this upgrade is for you! Vegetable Glycerin juices are also more comfortable on the throat, which gives us all the more reason to want more of them in our devices. 

More flavors 

Although there were so many vape flavors in the market, many e-liquids were only compatible with certain brands of vapes. These limitations have now come to an end, as the industry has recognized these issues and created e-liquids that are now compatible with most devices. You can now go for the flavor you want with any vape device you are using. 

Having more control over nicotine levels 

Since vapes are mostly alternatives to normal cigarettes, it is important for people to have control over their nicotine levels as they aim to decrease their nicotine intake. Most juices did not provide any nicotine variability, which is why manufacturers have worked on this by giving people the option to determine how much nicotine they would like to consume. 

As the vape industry continues to develop, advancements are being made to improve products and give people the variety they need. Most devices are now more durable, portable and come with better functions. If you were wondering which vape device to go for next, use this list stay up to use as a guide for the latest trends. 

vape pipe trends 2020