Level Up Your Style With These 4 Work Bags For Men

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Most men go to work carrying their work bags, which they use to bring work documents, devices, wallets, and other valuables. But these don’t just serve the purpose of holding all their belongings. In fact, one of their vital roles is contributing to your professionalism, personality, and character.  

Work bags come in different sizes, materials, designs, and colors. It’s up to you to choose something that suits your style and elevates your confidence more, creating a good first impression among your business partners, colleagues, and clients. The point is to find the one that manages to strike the delicate balance between a great design and maximum utility and comfort. But if you want to look more formal, you can try a leather portfolio for businessmen. This way, your natural manly figures will be enhanced by using it even during a usual workday.

Here are some worthy and handsomely designed work bags that can level up your style at work. 

  • Full Grain Leather Briefcase  

You can enhance your professional look when you carry a leather briefcase to work. Nothing says elegance and professionalism more than these items. There are barely any formal occasions when they would not be suitable, especially those where a laptop and paper files are required. With its sturdy features and convenient design, men of all ages can easily carry leather briefcases wherever they go. 

Using a leather briefcase with the right grain matters. Even if you carry a heavy briefcase, your tailored suit won’t get sweat patches or wrinkles if it’s perfect. 

Choosing a full-grain leather briefcase, such as the range at Von Baer, means you benefit from a leather patina, which allows the bag to age gracefully over time without looking weathered.  

No.1 Briefcase from Vonbaer.com
No.1 Briefcase from Vonbaer.com
  • Work Backpack  

Men who want to look dapper at work should invest in a well-made work backpack, like the range at The Real Leather Company. These bags are designed in a way that lets you carry them on your shoulders, leaving both your hands with lots of room for other things. Whether you commute to work, drive your own car, or walk your way there, this backpack is convenient to bring. 

Choose a backpack with several pockets to store your paper documents, laptop, other gadgets, and essentials. If you carry a water bottle to work, choose one with an external sleeve. These bags can also be used for your next business trip across the country or even abroad.

Backpacks are also versatile and flexible for any occasion. Your backpack can be a business-casual commuter’s smart companion, a rugged weekend companion, or a gym buddy. This design is an old-school bag that is popular among students. However, its style and utility make it a great accessory to uplift your overall work outfit. 

If you’re looking for a bag for everyday use or commuting, consider an adjustable mesh strap or anything other than canvas. Also, choose straps that are padded to make it comfortable to carry.  

  • Messenger Bag  

Who said messenger bags can’t be work bags? 

The truth is they can pair well with any work outfit. Great for commuting workers, a messenger bag allows you to put a lot of stuff in a single container without making it look bulky or heavy. The key is to go for one that’s slickly designed so it will pair well with your suit and tie. 

Messenger bags can work with whatever purpose you have in mind. Whether you’re carrying paper files or a laptop, this bag can accommodate them. 

Choose a weather-proof bag if you intend to walk or commute to and from work. Also, messenger bags are great for those who ride bikes to work. Since they can be hung from one shoulder to the opposite part of the body, they will feel more secure as you ride.

  • Laptop Bag  

Typical office workers need to bring their laptops wherever they go, especially when hybrid and remote work styles have been implemented recently. Whether you need to work in the office or meet a client in a coffee shop, bringing a laptop bag is the best way to go.  

The typical laptop bag carries your laptop, chargers, and adapters. This bag is built and intended to protect your gadgets, ensuring they won’t be damaged as you commute, walk, or drive to work. Considering how expensive your company laptop and other gadgets can be, it makes sense to invest and use a sturdy bag to keep them all safe.


A man can easily level up their work attire with the bag they carry to work. What’s important is to select the one that fits your personality, needs, and taste. Above all, always prioritize quality, comfort, and utility. Use these suggestions to find the bag that strikes the balance you need today.