Technological advancements and innovations have an important role in allowing society to grow and develop amidst the pandemic. Without them, all people around the world would be stuck in their homes doing nothing. Communication during quarantine would not be possible without the existence of mobile phones, laptops, and the internet. Besides that, it paves the way for educational institutions to continue instilling knowledge in students. Moreover, it allows small to large companies to operate and achieve their goals despite the numerous disruptions in logistics. That is how powerful and necessary technology is in the 21st century. 

pdf digital documents

If you are a student who relies solely on yourself to accomplish your requirements during the remote learning setup, then you are probably missing out on a lot of amazing online tools. One of these tools is PDFBear, an online platform that can help you manage digital documents a lot easier. 

What is PDFBear?

Due to the new mode of learning, you are now probably managing digital files most of the time, if not always. Submissions of requirements must be in soft copies so you no longer have to print the documents. This process is cost-effective and more efficient than the conventional way of passing exercises and assignments. Besides that, it also reduces the number of used papers which is beneficial for the environment. However, you are at a disadvantage if you don’t have an idea of how to manipulate electronic files. It is high time that you seek help from PDFBear. 

PDFBear is a must-have for students because it will let you convert PDF to PDFA, Excel, PPT, and HTML. The best part is that you can use the same website to turn them back to PDF. Aside from converting documents, it also offers several other tools designed to solve your PDF-related problems. Let’s take a look at each of its functions to help you decide whether or not this online platform is worth a try.

Convert PDF to PDF/A

The world is rapidly changing and some items in the past are already obsolete. For sure, you don’t want your documents to suffer the same fate. Files in PDF have the possibility of becoming inaccessible even if you are the owner due to technological changes that could happen. So what you have to do is to convert the PDF into PDF/A. This file format is not yet as popular as PDF among students but it is already the one used by giant corporations. It is the only file format utilized for archiving purposes. It ensures that your file is accessible in the long run no matter what kind of software is available in the future. So if you now want to transform your documents to PDF/A, you can use PDFBear’s convert PDF to PDF/A feature. Unlike other online tools with a tedious process of conversion, the website includes only four easy steps that can provide you with the converted file in just 2 minutes.

Compress PDF

Research and dissertations usually have large file sizes making you unable to send them through communication platforms, such as messenger and Gmail. The said platforms can only attach documents of up to 25 MB. Once your files exceeded the maximum size limit, sending the documents will always be unsuccessful. It is such a hassle especially if the receiver urgently needs those files. Don’t worry, PDFBear can reduce the file size of your PDF by using its Compress PDF feature. If you are using a pro-account, you have to choose from the basic and strong options. With this tool, you can send a high-resolution file to your professor or classmates without receiving an error message.

Lock and unlock PDF

Do you own files in PDF that contain confidential information? Do you always find yourself worried about it becoming accessible to unauthorized persons? If you are quick to answer yes, now is the time to use the lock PDF feature of PDFBear. It will let you encrypt the file by setting up your desired password and you will use this password to open the document. Make sure to share it only with trusted persons to avoid becoming a victim of a data breach. If for some reason you find this encryption option inconvenient, you can always remove it through the website’s unlock PDF tool. Just select this tool and upload the file that you want to unlock on the website and input the associated password. After successfully removing the password, click the download button.

Repair PDF

A corrupted file does not perform properly and does not allow you to view its content. It is the worst problem that you may experience when handling digital files. It can happen anytime due to several reasons. There are instances where sudden power outages, power surges, mismatched versions, and updating errors can lead to this unwanted issue.

Most students tend to give up and accept that they have to redo the content of the document no matter how time-consuming it may be. But if you don’t want to start again from scratch, you may try to recover the content by using the Repair PDF of PDFBear. You can use it whenever and wherever you are as long as you have a strong internet connection. The first step is to make the damaged file available on the server by clicking the select files button or by using the drag and drop option. Once done, the repair tool will immediately start analyzing the document. The last step includes waiting for the process to end and downloading the file on your device. However, it is important to manage your expectations to avoid becoming disappointed in the end. The tool might not be capable of fixing it because it is already completely unrecoverable. 

In a Nutshell

PDFBear is an ideal tool to use nowadays because of its wide range of functions. It is an all-in-one online platform that can guarantee you a new level of productivity. When you access it, you will no longer have to wait for too long before you can convert PDF to PDF/A, compress, luck, unlock, and repair documents!