Navigating Dubrovnik: Tips for Renting a Car at Dubrovnik Airport


Dubrovnik is a fabulous city on the Adriatic coast, attracting tourists with its nostalgic landscapes and affordable recreational opportunities. It is also pleasing that the cost of Dubrovnik car rentals is half that of the capital of Croatia!

The best resource for choosing a rental car for traveling around from Dubrovnik Airport is Here, you will find a comprehensive range of vehicle models at attractive prices from reliable companies. Before you book, let’s figure out why you should rent a car at Dubrovnik Airport and what you should consider when renting!

Why are rental cars Dubrovnik airport services profitable?

To fully enjoy the beauty of Croatia, you need to put aside unnecessary worries. Start your trip in comfort using the services of Dubrovnik car rental, and avoid wasting time on the complexities of public transport. Save your emotional resources for a pleasant experience of majestic views instead of losing them worrying about the safety of valuables in your luggage.

Leave behind the image of Sisyphus hauling his unbearable burden onto the bus and breathe easy in the delightful privacy of the car. Travel at your own pace and avoid crowds of tourists. Explore pristine beaches, steep hills, and mighty forests without being tied to public transport routes.

Public transport fares increase with tourist demand. You don’t need to be an accountant to discover that car rental Dubrovnik services usage is more profitable than spending on one-way tickets. The difference is especially noticeable when it comes to group travel.

By choosing a car rental Dubrovnik airport, you significantly increase the comfort of your trip. The car will be warm in winter and cool in summer (if you select the option with air conditioning in the cabin). You will be free of queues, waiting, and time limits. You will have the opportunity to retire in silence or pleasant audio accompaniment.

Book well in advance!

Croatia is an immensely favored tourist country. In the warm season, holidays here are often preferred to holidays in Italy due to the accessibility of Adriatic pleasures. With the influx of tourists, prices for transport and accommodation are inexorably rising while choice is decreasing. It’s time to learn how to plan your vacation in detail to avoid disappointments and get what you want without compromise!

The hot season in Croatia begins in early spring and ends in late autumn. The best time to find a suitable car is from autumn to the end of winter, aiming for the next season. By booking in advance, you get a wide selection of vehicles at affordable prices. By booking in advance, you keep the present rate current when you pick up the car (according to the policy of most car renting companies).

Please note that long-term reservations can reduce the daily rate. Hurry up to take advantage of this, planning to rent a car Dubrovnik! Typically, such discounts apply for a rental period of seven days or more. Find out how many days in advance you can cancel your reservation if your plans change. If your deposit is pre-frozen, you may lose money if you skip this information.

Choosing vehicle type

The medieval architectural plan of most tourist towns and villages in Croatia passes harmoniously with the landscape. However, such narrow streets impose restrictions on the choice of car type. It is better to choose a compact option for a small company to ensure freedom of movement. In addition, this option is convenient when parking, as it saves time searching for a space.

Universal options, like a minivan or SUV, are suitable for a large family or company. A minibus will allow you to accommodate luggage and passengers well, but in such a way you have to explore the sights on foot. In the warmer months, such restrictions will add an adventurous twist and are a pro for exploring Croatia! However, you should make an informed decision in winter and stock up on warm clothes for long walks.

Check information about the transmission type before renting. A manual transmission is more common and costs less to rent than an automatic one.


If you want to save money, find out in advance about the possibilities of a green card in Croatia. A green card may not be a prerequisite for traveling abroad, though it provides peace of mind in unforeseen circumstances. This card is the equivalent of minimum insurance. With such a card, additional insurance is unrequired in some cases. If you are afraid of being confused by the subtleties, read more here. Also, check whether the rental contract allows you to cross the border and what the conditions are.

Details to check before renting

Traveling to Dubrovnik in the cold season, sure your car has winter tires. Winters in Croatia are snowy, and the hilly roads are often icy. Closer to the sea, the climate is slightly milder, which is more suitable for car travel. Besides:

  • make sure car wipers are working correctly,
  • buy antifreeze,
  • purchase a snow brush,
  • stock up on a shovel in case of snowfall,
  • pack a blanket and warm clothes in the cabin to stay warm if the car breaks down.

Ask your rental company to check if the car has a navigation option. You can order GPS for an additional fee or download area offline maps to your smartphone in advance. If you are traveling with a small child, check if there is a child seat rental option. Or take this device with you to save money.

Find out if there is a surcharge for young and older drivers. Check the age tax rate and find out what documents you need. Generally, an original driver’s license sample in Latin is suitable for rent. It is necessary to save time if you can avoid obtaining an international driving license.


Traveling around Croatia in a rented car is the best option for comfortable transportation. Considering the tips above, imagine your ideal car model and start to choose a suitable deal. Ask all questions beforehand, and don’t skip on the fine print to avoid misunderstandings.

Book in advance to bypass confusion at the airport upon arrival and save time. 

Find out where and how you will receive the car, and carefully inspect it for damage before signing a contract. To be on the safe side, it is better to take some photos. Plan your time carefully and return the car on time (otherwise, you should pay a fine).