Omega is one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturers that was officially founded back in 1848. Since its official debut, the brand has been at the forefront of creating and designing timepieces for a certain purpose. Becoming the first-ever timepiece on the Moon was one of its greatest achievements. It even contributed a lot of firsts in history, including becoming the award-winning Olympic timekeeping.

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Moreover, the brand’s dedication to creating a timepiece out of its excellent craftsmanship and innovation is the reason why it is worth a penny to buy each of their watch collections. Owning an Omega watch is like owning even a small part of history, and this is what makes its timepiece rich in legacy and history to tell. In this article, we will be sharing a quick guide on which timepiece is perfectly suited to your style as well as to your wrist. Check this out!


Omega Constellation

First introduced in 1952, the Omega Constellation is a line of classic and timeless timepieces that are perfect for any wardrobe for the day. It has been renowned for its iconic design and durability. It perfectly defines both sophistication and retro style with its notable high precision feature.

If you’re looking for a timepiece that easily stood out even in the crowd, opting to buy this Omega Constellation is the best decision you could ever make. Its trademark star at 6 o’clock, horizontal links, and prominent claws make it iconic and one of the most instantly identifiable watches in the world.

On top of it, with the brand’s most advanced movement used to create and design this Omega Constellation collection, it became the first Master Chronometer that the world has ever seen. Before earning this name, “Master Chronometer,” a timepiece and its movement must be qualified and passed the 8 stringent test. If proven that it goes far beyond the regular chronometer certification, it deserves to get that title. 

Considering this fact and title, owning a timepiece from Omega Constellation is a great option. You can get a timepiece from the size of 24mm up to 41mm case size, and each timepiece features a 100 m water resistance.

Omega Seamaster

One rugged sports timepiece that the brand offers is this prominent Omega Seamster. It is a watch that features both sleek styles with its rugged functionality and is designed for sea divers, adventurers, and even undercover spies. Sought-after by many watch enthusiasts, the Omega Seamaster features high-caliber materials with its maximum water resistance and Master Co-Axial Chronometer movements.

You can find sizes ranging from 28mm to 48 mm case and water resistance from 60 m up to 1200 m depth. If you’re into deep-sea diving, owning a masterpiece like its newest Omega Seamaster Diver 300 models is such a great deal. Plus, this timepiece is considered one of the best investments for a luxury watch since it holds such great value even for more years to come. It is not just a simple time-telling device, but it is an heirloom, a piece of jewelry that you can even give as a present to your next generation.

Omega Speedmaster

Since its first introduction over 60 years ago, this Omega Speedmaster has been one of the legendary and iconic Swiss-made timepieces globally. It is equipped with high-caliber materials and features precious and powerful movements, which makes it stand out from the rest of other timepieces. The brand ensures to create it with a great purpose, helping a certain individual accomplish their work reminding the exact time of the day.

Only a few watches have passed NASA’s most stringent assessments, and the Omega Speedmaster’s heavenly accuracy, strength, and unwavering quality prompted it to turn into the first-ever watch to be worn on the Moon back in 1969. While its commitment to space exploration has procured the Speedmaster its epithet: the Moonwatch initially created and designed as a racing watch.

Its dial was created out of inspiration from the Italian car’s dashboard. It was the primary watch to include a tachymetric scale on its bezel – making it a quick hit with serious hustling drivers. It is accessible in 38mm – 46 mm case size and features a water opposition from 50 m up to 100 m. 

Moreover, it is an ideal accessory to wear for those looking for a timepiece with an incredible story to tell. Those motorsport lovers were searching for a durable and reliable racing watch. If that, you go after the footsteps of the first men to walk on the Moon.

Omega De Ville

This Omega De Ville is a collection of classic and sophisticated timepieces prominent for its innovation and elegant traditional aesthetic style. It also preserves the pioneering spirit that a Swixx luxury watch brand offers with its legendary history. Its first-ever model is the famous Co-Axial automatic caliber, a timepiece with exquisite finishes and useful features.

Giving an ideal chance to enjoy elegant finishes, for example, 18ct gold and jewels while never checking the top, the De Ville assortment catches the sentiment of conventional Swiss watchmaking. It is available in 24 mm to 41 mm cases and features a water resistance that can go as deep as 30 m to 100 m.

If you are looking for an elegant watch to wear every day, a timepiece that features dazzling diamonds, this OmegaDe Ville timepiece is the best option to buy and add to your collections list.

In a Nutshell

Omega is one of the longest-standing Swiss watch manufacturers that has a wide collection of timepieces to offer. Aside from its rich history and legacy, it is a sought-after brand because of its reliable and durable watches that are all proven built to last. It never stops using its innovation and skillful craftsmanship to design and create a piece of time-telling accessory that everyone can use in their everyday lives. So, if you are looking for a luxury timepiece from a Swiss brand, opting for timepieces that Omega offers is such a great deal.