rozulin rose liquor

ROZULIN: In Dubrovnik we drink rose liqueur

Today, you will learn about traditional Dubrovnik recipe for Rozulin (or Rozalin), well known among the older generations. I remember when I was a...
Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Summer Festival Roza blogger culture art Old Town

Place of culture: This is where the festival has begun

Dubrovnik Summer Festival, from its beginning in 1950, has become the oldest cultural institution in Croatia. It opens every year on the 10th of...
Dubrovnik Old Town Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

May success be with you and everything you do, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year too! Wish you all the best! GoDubrovnik Team!   Photos by:...
Dario Bandur photo photography Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik streets view

Dubrovnik as one of the World’s most beautiful cities

According to famous Condé Nast Traveller, Dubrovnik is now officially one of the 50 world’s most stunning destinations, both in terms of its cultural...
St. Vlaho Dubrovnik travel explore

The best of GoDubrovnik for this year

Every year has something special for you, and 2016 has given you the great new portal GoDubrovnik! Just kidding... this year has been for...
Dario Bandur photo photography Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik

Dario Bandur photo diary: Some places worth ‘breathing in’

Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful places for take a great picture. You can go through the streets and feel like a star...

Ines Tričković Ao leong: 3 things I miss about Dubrovnik!

If you live in Dubrovnik, then you have been to King's Landing. Located down the steeps of the Srđ Hill, in the bowels of...
skopljak godubrovnik rixos dubrovnik

Rixos Azzure Beach: Synergy of nature & luxury

Here, in Dubrovnik you can find the most beautiful beaches in the world, you can enjoy the sunshine and be a part of Adriatic...
tim julija basic hilton imeprial dubrovnik

Julia Bašić: A Woman’s Place Is Running the Kitchen

It’s a common joke in Croatia that women belongs in the kitchen. At the same time men are often associated with some heavier, physical...

European Premiere of Mercedes Benz E-class in Dubrovnik

After HBO’s Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik hosts another world’s giant. Global megabrand Mercedes Benz selected Dubrovnik as the center of its global 2016 training...

The best Dubrovnik Instagram accounts to follow!

If you're planning a trip to Dubrovnik region or if you already visited this beautiful town, one thing is sure -  Dubrovnik is definitely on...
Adriatic Explore Day Trips From Dubrovnik Excursions From Dubrovnik Mostar

Want to take a great trip from Dubrovnik? This is our favourite.

If you’re in Dubrovnik for a longer time, after you explore the Old City and everything that Dubrovnik has to offer, you’ll have some...
dubrovnik what to do in October Good Food Festival

Dubrovnik Christmas Carols – Kolende

Christmas carols in Dubrovnik have a special place in the festive spirit of the city. These traditional Christmas carols, known as Kolende, have a...
art go'den

Art Go’den: Local maritime heritage as inspiration for a new resort campaign

Majority of the world most prominent fashion brands is personified with city from where they are coming from, for instance Prada is personified with...

Dubrovnik guy on the top of the World

Lucky, a Dubrovnik uncanny boy who sees the moment looking for his serendipity across the most challenging World Wonders where Kilimanjaro, Elbrus are only...
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Walls of Dubrovnik tour