maris gavranic makeup

Meet Maris Gavranić : Talented and ambitious makeup enthusiast from Dubrovnik

Today we will be presenting a beauty treat to many girls, and probably a few boys as well. Maris Gavranić is a diplomacy and...
rozulin rose liquor

ROZULIN: In Dubrovnik we drink rose liqueur

Today, you will learn about traditional Dubrovnik recipe for Rozulin (or Rozalin), well known among the older generations. I remember when I was a...
buggy dubrovnik

Buggy Safari Dubrovnik: The most fun you can get around the town

Are you ready for the adrenalin rush? Buggy Safari Dubrovnik is back for the new HOT season! If you're looking for a way to spice up...
Kiss Trail Love Lokrum Island Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik kiss cover

Lokrum Island | Lokrum Ferry – buy tickets online

Just a breath away from Dubrovnik stands mysterious island of Lokrum. It’s one of the World's seven cursed islands. Want to learn more? Keep...

Lili Basic Capaccetti : My three years in Kazakhstan

So how did I end up leaving Dubrovnik and going to Kazakhstan for three years? Well, me and my husband have moved there because...
Old Town Video Dubrovnik

Amazing Video About The Best City Of Dubrovnik!

In Love With Dubrovnik Ok, if you are not in love with Dubrovnik yet, you have to see this magnificent video. Here, Dubrovnik looks like a...
Dubrovnik Destination Weddings Planner Dubrovnik Weddings love

Yes, I Do!: Wedding in Dubrovnik, starting your life together in style

Almost every girl dreams about her perfect wedding day. It's like all of your dreams come true, and everything has to be just the...
Croatian Fashion Brand

Croatian Fashion Brand: Bags By Kristina

My first article in 2017 is all about fashion. Last year I got an opportunity to collaborate with amazingly talented people and one of...
Dario Bandur photo photography Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik yoga

How To Become A Dubrovnik Local: 7 Tips For Faking It

What’s the best part of Dubrovnik? It’s hard to tell. Maybe it’s the World’s famous City walls, maybe it’s the feeling you get while...
dubrovnik snow croatia snijeg 2017

Epic Video Takes The Cake : Winter Has Come To Dubrovnik

Everyone and their mother knows that since yesterday Dubrovnik is covered with snow. If you are local, chances are that you, as well, have...
dubrovnik zimi

Winter fairy tale in Dubrovnik

Since I am the child of the city, you can only imagine the kind of excitement I experienced when I ran out this morning…...
roofs Vlaho Dubrovnik Photography Tour Travel Dubrovnik Instagram Photos

Can you capture all that beauty with your camera?

Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world, and the beauty of Dubrovnik is really rare and fascinating. Can...
St. Vlaho Dubrovnik travel explore

The best of GoDubrovnik for this year

Every year has something special for you, and 2016 has given you the great new portal GoDubrovnik! Just kidding... this year has been for...
Winter in Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Holidays Advent in Dubrovnik


If you think that the best time to visit Dubrovnik is the summer - then think again. Dubrovnik is beautiful all the year round,...
Dubrovnik Old Town Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

May success be with you and everything you do, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year too! Wish you all the best! GoDubrovnik Team!   Photos by:...
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