Party Tips: Here’s How You Can Enjoy The Last Day Of Being A Bachelor


Being a bachelor is not only a phase but also a feeling. The counting days before getting married to the partner and beginning a new forever are thrilling and overwhelming at once. But every second of feeling like a bachelor is worth it. We know that! 

Despite the 5th-century concept of Spartans hosting a supper for groom-to-be, these days, there’s a bachelorette party for him and her as well. That said, the groom and bride squads surely know how to plan a remarkable bachelor’s party. 

So, in this piece, we have shared a few unique party tips to let you enjoy your last day of being a bachelor to the fullest. 

Hop on the fun ride! 

1. Go Gourmet Drinking 

Any bachelorette party in the world indeed involves lots of booze. However, we have a little different suggestion besides merely wild drinking. 

This idea is about going on a gourmet drinking experience with your friends. For your whiskey-loving friends, reserve a table at the best bar in the city and let the mixologist pour some Breckenridge bourbon into your glasses nonstop. 

For your wine-loving friends, you can visit the nearest vineyards and book a wine-tasting tour + family restaurant package with your friends. 

Besides this, visiting microbreweries or going for malt tasting are equally brilliant ideas for the last day of feeling like a bachelor. You can blend the gourmet drinking experience with a road trip with your friends and make your last day as a single memorable forever! 

2. Try Traveling 

A trip with friends gets canceled a zillion times: we have all been there before often. 

Take it now! Your wedding is arriving soon, and your friends cannot deny you (actually, they are not allowed to!) before the big day. Hence, go on a trip with your inner circle and make it as grand and extravagant as possible. 

Hit any Southeast Asian country featuring lavish resorts at affordable rates. Or you can crash European provinces that are known for a premium escape. 

Not only can you get the time & space to be with your closest friends before your wedding, but you also live the most cherishable days of your life. 

Moreover, traveling while you are still a bachelor is a self-reminder that you can be free and independent, have fun, rejoice, and hang out with anyone, anywhere, and at any time. 

What are you still waiting for? Book flight tickets right away! 

3. Visit a Strip Club

Ooh! Now we are talking. 

No bachelor party is complete without having a stripping adventure in it. So a night before the wedding, you can take your best mate or gal pal to the most happening stripping club in the town. 

The heating environment will give the bride-to-be or groom-to-be the perfect opportunity to do some stuff along with their friends. And if you are in a group of four or five, level up things by giving each other a wild dare. 

In case you don’t want to take things publicly by hitting a strip club, arrange a party at a weekend house and invite a professional stripper to glam up the night. Ask the bride-to-be or groom-to-be about the stripper’s choice and invite the professional accordingly. 

Remember, it’s their big day! You can have unlimited food and lots of alcohol at your strip party. And let us tell you something: stripping is the secret sauce to every bachelor party! So, never skip it.  

4. Party In-house

For everyone, the idea of having a bachelor vibe differs in many ways, and we understand that.

For those looking forward to a very intimate and meaningful night as a part of their bachelorhood, we recommend hosting a house party. 

You can adorn the backyard of your house or decorate your living area with bachelor party stuff and invite over minimum guests thoughtfully. We say keep it minimal and simple to make the best out of it. 

Prepare a few delectable meals like lasagna or mac n cheese. Serve not many but a few whiskey and wine options. To make your in-house party outstanding, plan a few indoor games, a movie screening, a slideshow of pictures, or raise a glass to show gratitude to all your friends for being through thick & thin. 

By doing this, the final experience of being a bachelor will become unforgettable. 

5. Do Something Exciting 

We agree that all the previous four options are exciting, but we have a few more on our minds. By exciting, we mean bringing back the thrill of your college days before getting married. 

So, for starters, how about organizing a cricket match for your male best friends? Or maybe going to a shooting range together and internally competing would work wonders. You can also gather around play stations to play video games and feel like a super bachelor for the last time. 

If you want to try something out of the box, we suggest booking a space in a cafe and hiring a standup comedian, especially for your group of friends. Give the artist a heads-up about the quirks of all your homies, and the evening will be no less than a theme park ride of laughter. thrill, and memories. 

Lastly, you can go for any adventurous sports activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, or skiing and get the final adrenaline rush before your wedding! 


The general idea about feeling like a bachelor, more or less, involves food, alcohol, and partying. Of course, you can do all of this to feel and enjoy being a bachelor. However, it is so much more than that. 

All the tips we mentioned on this list will give you the best time and memories with your friends. But you might have to walk an extra mile to implement any of those ideas. The last day of being a bachelor means something to you. Make it super fascinating in your way. A bachelor knows no limits. Just slay!