When you enter the little store Valen (Od Puča 23) your eyes are naturally drawn to the precious jewellery, so the chances are you won’t even notice the little room in the back. But this is where all the magic happens. Mr. Valentin Čivljak comes from a family with a long history in the jewellery business (since 1952.) This fusion of Dubrovnik’s traditional and contemporary design will satisfy even the most demanding costumers. This humble goldsmith says that his children are his biggest pride. Today, Roko, the oldest of three, works in the store as his father’s right hand.dubrovnik goldsmith


How did you become a goldsmith?
I inherited the craft from my father , and making Filigree is a family tradition. I started helping my father in a very young age. In the beginning I was working on traditional Dubrovnik jewelry , but since I mastered the new techniques in gold and silver processing I began to design unique pieces of jewelry. Today, we offer traditional filigree jewelry, but also original models that can be found only in our store .dubrovnik goldsmith tools

How do you combine innovation and tradition in your business ?We still operate in a rather traditional way . We don’t advertise and we don’t have a web-shop. Our jewellery is exclusivly made and merchandised in our shop.

What does your perfect day look like?
After a successful day at work , I love to surf the Internet and browse for the antiquities .

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