One of Croatia’s most popular culinary ingredients is definately olive oil. It is a proof that healthy things don’t have to taste bad, as every meal containg this golden-colored liquid turns into real delicacy. We list five health benefits of consuming olive oil in your regular diet.

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It Improves you Cardiovascular system

People who regularly eat olive oil suffer much less from cardiac diseases such as high blood pressure and unwanted levels of cholesterol. They also have a lower rate of heart attack cases, especially in senior population.

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Fights Breast Cancer

Scientists from Barcelona discovered that consuming olive oil is an efficient way of preventing breast cancer. This is because it reduces the activity of problematic genes, shields DNA from damages, improves pathways between proteins and literally destroys tumor cells. The corn oil does completely the opposite, increasing the probability of illness.

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Helps With Depressive States

For years, science is analyzing the connection between trans fats and depression, concluding that these chemical compounds can really influence one’s mental health. They are usually found in fast-food and pastry products. Replacing these with diet which includes olive oil will lead to positive effects, and chase the depression away.

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Keeps Your Liver Safe

Researchers at Universities of Tunisia and Saudi Arabia discovered that olive oil reduces the oxidative stress in liver. This damage is caused by free radicals mixing with other bodily elements. In other words, your body is having higher tolerance of poisonous compounds in the environment, if you consume olive oil.

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Defends Your Body Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Journal Chemical Neuroscience published a lengthy study explaining how compound called Oleocanthal virtually cleanses the brain from proteins causing Alzheimer’s disease. It can be found abundantly in olive oil, so having a diet based on this ingredient will increase your chances of avoiding this problematic illness.

These were five health benefits of consuming olive oil! Hopefully they have encouraged you to eat more meals featuring this tasty ingredient.

News source: Like Croatia