Today, files or document sharing involve several methods such as sending through the web, peer-to-peer networks, USB flash drives, and FTP servers. However, these ways are not as convenient as online or cloud file transfer or sharing. Share your documents conveniently and for free with GogoPDF.

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How to Share Documents Using GogoPDF

In recent years, notable innovations were created that lessen the transfer of data and document sharing using paper. Technology has made it possible to accomplish such activities within minutes or even seconds. Different online tools are made available on the internet and make file sharing and transfer conveniently.

Follow these document-sharing steps on GogoPDF  

  1. First, upload the document you want to share. You may Drag or Drop your file on the toolbox or get the file from your computer.   
  2. Next, hit the Share File button.   
  3. Then, you may copy the link, paste it on an email or text and send it to your recipient. You may also email the download link with a personalized message.   
  4. Finally, download and save the file on your computer. You also have the option to share the document on your social media accounts.   

 See how easy and convenient it is. With four steps, you can send your document to your colleagues, friends, superior, and potential clients.

Issues When Sharing Documents Online  

Errors with the Format  

When sharing documents with others, formatting issues are the most common problems that users might encounter. Errors with format may happen with line spacing and word processing programs.  

Missing Content  

Such missing content may range from a font, a few lines, and even an entire document. This instance may occur if you use a font that is not available in another word processor.    

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Problems in Opening and Editing Files 

Another common problem when you share documents with others is the error when opening and editing files. There are instances that you cannot open a shared file. Sometimes, you can open a document but editing it is a problem.

Message Content was not delivered  

You may encounter problems when sharing documents using other methods and platforms. This issue may happen when you are sending large files. A lot of email servers limit sending when it comes to the size of files.  

Compatibility Issues Between Programs

Compatibility errors happen when you try to open files that another program or system does not support. There are some cases when you can open the file, but all you get are characters that do not mean anything and are erroneously formatted.

Changes with File Extensions  

File extensions may change as word processors are developed or modified. Microsoft Office changed from .doc to .docx. As a result, older versions of Word cannot open the latest .docx extension. Can the latest versions of Word open .doc? The answer is yes. However, a special reader is necessary to open.docx file when using an earlier version of Microsoft Word.   

Benefits of Using GogoPDF for Sharing Documents  

GogoPDF offers solutions to problems of document sharing. Learn about the pros of using this online tool and try using it the next time you need document sharing.

Upload files quickly and securely

You can share files with a maximum of 5 gigabytes. If time is your concern, you do not need to worry, it takes only a few clicks, and GogoPDF will provide you with a download link. You can send it to anyone you want to share your files. 


GogoPDF’s Customer Privacy Rule   

When almost everything is done online, the confidentiality of personal information is a concern of many. GogoPDF answers this by using SSL encryption in transferring files. With this, all information or data are secured. Moreover, all uploaded files to the server are deleted automatically after an hour.   

Personalized Your Email Before Sharing  

You can write additional messages at the bottom of the form when you send the email with the download link. Personalize, share and email files right from the GogoPDF site.   

GogoPDF: Multi-Format File Sharing  

This online tool can share different file formats instantly with just a few clicks. Sharing several images is not a problem. You can upload and share your files, whether PNG, BMP, or JPEG.   

Uses Cloud Storage

 With GogoPDF, you do not need to install or download any software or additional apps. The document sharing is performed within your browser, and everything is saved in the Cloud. Saving in the Cloud allows you to free up space on your computer’s memory.     

GogoPDF is multi-browser and cross-platform compatible.

 Users can open this online utility on different Internet browsers. You can be assured that the level of experience and functionality is the same when using any browser. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. Moreover, you won’t have any trouble opening it with any of the most used platforms, such as Mac, Windows, Android, Linux systems, and even with Apple devices.    

Send large files without difficulty.

GogoPDF saves you from worries about sending large files. Send large files with simple steps quickly and effortlessly. All you need is to type GogoPDF in your browser. Now, you are on the way to sharing your documents in seconds. No fees and subscription are required; with a stable internet connection, you can experience document sharing with GogoPDF.   

In a Nutshell   

Document sharing may display some challenges for you. There are different methods you may choose from when it comes to sending your files. However, the most convenient way is using an online tool – GogoPDF. This online utility provides you with a hassle-free, reliable and straightforward process for document sharing.    

GogoPDF key features are answers to issues one might encounter when sharing files. It provides security, compatibility, and accuracy that eradicate problems with document sharing. These features result in inefficient collaboration, timeliness and enhance user’s productivity at the workplace. With GogoPDF users can send documents online for free but can be secured of their data’s confidentiality.   

The next time you want to share your files take a look at GogoPDF and see for yourself how easy and reliable this online utility is!