Planning a global expedition for sometime later this year? Whether you’re multi-lingual or not, it’s more possible than ever before to travel to countries that don’t speak your language.

If you’re a native English speaker, you already have the upper hand — roughly 20% of the world’s population speak some form of English. Otherwise, there are a number of travel translator apps that make foreign travel hassle-free and accessible to all cultures.

Here are some of the best travel translator apps worth downloading and acquainting yourself with before you jet off on your travels.

The Best Travel Translator Apps to Keep in Your Pocket

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Most travel translation apps are multi-functional. They are able to read, speak, interpret, and even put sentences together for you. Many of them also work offline for when you travel to remote areas, sans internet access.

Translator apps have helped to bridge the gap between a myriad of languages and cultures for travelers across the globe. Here are the top 7 worth considering:

1. iTranslate

This is hands-down one of the most popular and widely used translation apps in the world. Available for both iPhone and Android, the app has close to 350,000 ratings if you have your doubts!

iTranslate is also available in a special version for Apple Watch — so you don’t even need to use your phone to access it. The app itself includes a phrasebook with over 100 languages. You have access to predefined phrases, translations, as well as website translation, camera translation, and voice-to-voice conversations. It even offers verb conjugations and how to structure sentences.

You will have to pay a $5.99 monthly fee or $49.99 yearly subscription to make full use of the app.

2. Google Translate

The Google Translate app is another one of the world’s most popular translator apps. It’s available in 108 languages online, and 59 languages offline. You can even draw text or characters instead of typing them in 95 languages in order to interpret them.

It also offers camera translation in 90 different languages, hovering your camera over text in order to directly translate it. You have access to two-way speech translation in 43 languages, too. It’s a user-friendly app and can be downloaded and used for free for both iPhone and Android.

3. SayHi

The SayHi app is brilliant for voice translation and dialects. Available in 90 different languages, you can record voice, and it will translate into a language you’ve selected.

The app allows you to adjust the speed of the voice of translation, allowing for simpler and easier interpretation. You also have the option of typing out your phrase into the app or speaking directly into the microphone. This makes the app ideal for noisier surroundings, such as busy market places.

The app can only be used with an internet connection, though, or a 3G data connection. You can download and use it for free for both iPhone and Android.

4. Waygo

This app is designed for travelers visiting the Far East, namely China, Japan or Korea. It only translates from English to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. However, the app works in its entirety whether you’re online or offline.

Like Google Translate, the app can be used with your camera to directly translate text on menus, notice boards, road signs, etc. The app even offers a directory of food images so you know exactly what you’re ordering!

The more basic version of Waygo offers 10 free translations per day. However, the upgraded version costs $11.99 for all three languages. Downloads are available for both Android and iPhone users for free.

5. Microsoft Translator

This is probably Google Translate’s greatest competition — and most similar counterpart. Microsoft Translator offers almost all the same functionality, but you can also pin your translations and go back to them for later reference.

Some people argue that the translation aspect is not as accurate as Google Translate. But Mircosoft’s phrasebook sets the app apart from the rest, packed with hundreds of lists of useful phrases in multiple languages.

6. Papago

This is another popular app that is ideal for travel in the Far East. Papago translates between popular Asian languages such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesia. It also offers Russian, German, Spanish, and Italian translation services.

You have the option of translation in the form of voice or text, like most translator apps. However, Papago also allows people to speak simultaneously while automatically translating each language.

The app also includes photo translation, handwritten translation, and offline access. Not-to-mention a detailed and useful phrasebook as well as special functionality for children!

The app can be downloaded for free for both Apple and Android.

7. SpanishDict Translator

While there are a plethora of Spanish translation apps on the market today, none of them really measure up to SpanishDict Translator.

The app offers multi-functional translation services. You can type in a word, phrase, or sentence and the app will translate it. It will also offer you a definition, and conjugate verbs for you.

Aside from translation functionality, the app is a great educational resource while you travel. It offers regular grammar lessons and guides on a number of topics as well as an in-depth phrasebook for reference.

In essence, this app is like the ultimate Swiss-Army knife when traveling through Spanish-speaking countries. If you can put up with a few advertisements, you can use the app for no fee. Otherwise, upgrade to a premium account which costs just a few dollars per annum.

Satisfy Your Travel Cravings

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Travel translator apps offer you a truly authentic and stress-free cultural experience! So we hope this list has narrowed down some of your options.

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