The best gambling destinations in the world: where to go to combine travelling and gambling.


The modern world of gambling offers many options of gambling establishments. Starting from instant payout casino sites UK to the usual land-based establishments. However, the sphere of services does not stand still and recently the so-called junket tours combining travelling and gambling are becoming more and more popular. Also, check

Historical excursion

Junket tour is not a new phenomenon. In its current form, it was formed in the 50s of last century in the United States. It is at this time falls on the formation and rapid rise of the capital and mining business of the United States – Las Vegas. Initially, the invention and spread of this phenomenon is attributed to organised crime. Mafiosi were tired of waiting for their casinos to start flocking in droves not too sophisticated players from all over the United States. And decided to personally deliver them and even in such a way that lost in a puff-and-puff clients remained, in this case, satisfied.

One of the most famous businessmen of this direction was Fat Vinny (Vincent Charles Teresa, 1930-1990) from Boston. He organised tours for players from almost every state in the USA to Las Vegas, the Caribbean Islands and Europe.

What is a Junket Tour

Modern junket tourism is a transfer of some tour operator organised by the casino itself or by third parties. Payment for travel to the destination, accommodation, meals and, depending on the cost of the junket tour, additional services in the form of spa and other types of recreation is taken by the organiser.

Depending on the level of the casino, which is expressed in the subsequent requirements for the game, the service of the player during such a tour can be carried out on terms ranging from all inclusive to the usual bus transfer followed by immediate departure after the end of the game.

In order to form a reasoned opinion on the possibilities of game tourism it is necessary to consider its main components in more detail.


Depending on the destination, the delivery of the player from the UK to the place of rest can be carried out by the following types of transport:

  1. Air travel – practised for destinations such as Las Vegas, Macau and the like;
  2. Rail – used to take the player virtually all over Europe;
  3. Road transport – buses are most often used to transport players around the UK.
  4. Accommodation and leisure activities

Most often participants of junket tours are provided with above average class hotels in close proximity to the gambling establishment. In fact, the level of comfort and additional services directly depends on the main condition – the amount of money that the client uses for the game.

Main conditions of junket tours

Excellent conditions of moving and practically “free” accommodation with a high level of service have certain conditions that the client must fulfil, as he/she preliminarily concludes a contract with the operator, which stipulates the following factors:

  1. It is necessary to exchange a certain amount of money for chips;
  2. To play in the casino provides specific types of gambling games in which you need to bet certain amounts. Restrictions may apply to both the total amount for this type of games, and a specific bet;
  3. The player must spend at least the previously agreed amount of time in the gambling halls.

Main destinations of gambling tourism in the UK

As for the most popular junket tour destinations among British players, the following European destinations can be distinguished among them:

  • Lisbon (Portugal) – Estoril Casino;
  • Monaco – Monte Carlo Casino;
  • France – Barrier d’Enghien-les-Bains;
  • Rozvadov (Czech Republic) – King’s Casino;
  • Germany – Potsdamer Platz.

Domestic junket tourism is also very popular. Moreover, the level of services here is not inferior to the European one, and in many respects exceeds it. At the moment, the most popular casinos offering such tours are the following:

  • Empire – London;
  • Resorts World – Birmingham;
  • Grosvenor The Victoria – London;
  • Aspers – Stratford;
  • The Hippodrome – London (West End);
  • Grosvenor Casinos – Liverpool;
  • Genting Club – Sheffield;
  • Fountainpark – Edinburgh.

To summarise

In conclusion, we can say that modern junket tourism is a very promising direction of gambling business development. Moreover, it will continue to gain popularity both in the UK and in countries with stricter legislation regarding gambling establishments.

As for the junket tours themselves, it is a great way of rest and emotional relief associated not only with the game, but also with a change of place of stay, travelling along attractive tourist routes, staying in excellent hotels with a high level of service, etc.