The Best Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Cruise on Paul Gauguin Ships

Cruise on Paul Gauguin Ships

Cruises are a favorite for many travelers and explorers due to their multiple destinations, tons of onboard activities and entertainment, panoramic views, minimal travel, and family-friendliness. The mother of all cruises is the Paul Gauguin ship offering an immersive experience of French Polynesia, Tahiti, and the South Pacific. 

From destination-rich itineraries to small and intimate ships and luxurious amenities, the Paul Gauguin cruises are out of this world and provide a memorable cruise vacation. However, adequate preparation is paramount to enjoy your cruise and avoid headaches and nasty surprises. 

Read on to learn simple and practical tips and tricks to maximize your cruise. 

  1. Timing is King

Like other destinations around the globe, French Polynesia has its share of inclement weather, making appropriate timing vital. The suitable time to cruise with Paul Gauguin ships is between May and October. During these months, you enjoy the warm and dry weather and can soak in the sun, stroll on the beautiful beaches, and enjoy water sports. A cruise during the cold or rainy season limits enjoyment and fun activities. It is necessary to plan your cruising ahead of time. This way, you can avoid the stress of cruising in bad weather. You will know all on sailing routes, weather and temperature with a proper research.

Cruise on Paul Gauguin Ships

Among the useful tips for cruises on Paul Gauguin ship is booking early to enjoy huge discounts and deals on airfare and the cruise. The secret to flying cheaply is to book before everyone else does, and you will be surprised at how much you can save. And, the best time to book a cheap flight is three weeks to four months before the travel date. 

Similarly, booking the cruise early lets you harness early booking discounts. For instance, if you booked early, you can pay $3,000 per person in a category 4 cabin for a week-long Society Islands and Tahiti itinerary. Prices surge significantly as the cruise date nears, and you pay $4,500 per person for the same itinerary, $1,500 more than the early bird rate.

Also, early booking ensures you get your room of choice. You don’t want to miss the posh owner and grand suite with first-class amenities and in-suite bars. Also, due to Paul Gauguin ships’ prominence, the cruises sell out faster. 

Leverage the All-inclusive Package 

One thing that makes Paul Gauguin cruises popular is the all-inclusive experience catering to meals, onboard activities, and excursions. As such, once you pay for the cruise, you can stay on budget without spending additional cash on board. You get treated to gourmet dining, luxurious amenities, and excellent onboard programming. 

In the all-inclusive package, travelers have exquisite accommodations featuring big beds, a TV, a hair dryer, slippers, toiletries, a full-size tub and shower, and 24-hour room service. The owner’s suite, for instance, is the epitome of luxury with a king-sized bed, living area, an in-suite bar, a balcony, and butler service. Staterooms are also spacious and well-furnished, with queen-sized beds and living areas.

When it comes to dining, Paul Gauguin ships don’t disappoint. You can enjoy French Polynesian cuisines in the La Veranda, buffets in the Le Grill, or specialty dishes in the L’Etoile. While La Veranda has a good array of tasty starters, appetizers, main courses, and desserts, you must have a reservation for dinner. 

Guests are spoiled for choice in onboard entertainment, from cultural performances to seminars and indoor games like table tennis. The cruise offers classical songs, dances, and crafts to delight guests, and you get a feel of the vibrant Polynesian culture. Pass by the La Boutique for duty-free and fantastic souvenirs like art and black pearls.    

Pack Smart    

Many people don’t know what to pack when preparing for a cruise. Start with travel documents such as official ID, medical insurance cards, travel insurance, and boarding passes. Also, carry cash for tips, emergencies, and exchange for local currency. 

Then, bring personal items such as sunscreen, bug spray, sun hat, skin and hair care products, sunglasses, medications for motion sickness and upset stomach, an outlet adapter, and a waterproof camera if you will go snorkeling and scuba diving. 

A good blend of casual and light clothes is the perfect choice for a luxury cruise ship like Paul Gauguin. It includes sundresses, t-shirts, shorts, casual tops and slacks, and workout attire if you want to hit the gym. Typically, the dress code is relaxed and informal, called country casual. A few light sweaters will keep you warm since it can get cold in the open water at night.  

Bathing suits and cover-ups are handy during Paul Gauguin cruises. They allow you to enjoy the pool onboard as well as the beach during shore excursions. While you can hang around the cruise in your bathing suit, a cover-up is good when accessing restaurants and casinos. 

Cruise on Paul Gauguin Ships

In addition, carry at least one formal outfit for an elegant cruise dinner. It can mean a beautiful dress or ball gown for women or a collared, button-up shirt with trousers for men. If there are themed parties in your itinerary, party clothes will ensure you blend with the others and don’t stick out. Do not forget comfortable footwear to make your exploring expeditions around the ship and ports enjoyable. 

Bring a backpack or beach tote to hold your items when you leave the ship for shore excursions. It will also be handy when shopping at a cruise port. Instead of juggling your sunscreen, towels, and shopping bags, you can put everything in a beach tote. 


Paul Gauguin cruises offer an immersive and once-in-a-lifetime South Pacific vacation experience, from posh accommodations to personalized service, sustainable tourism, and high-end dining. Also, the expertly curated excursions have something for everyone. Use the tips above to make the most of your cruise on Paul Gauguin ships!