Knowing the right path in many situations requires knowing the right people with whom to speak, which includes reaching out to immigration lawyers regarding immigration matters. Immigration lawyers can be found in any city. The best part about immigration lawyers is that you don’t necessarily need to hire someone who lives in your town. You can hire someone who lives in a different state and can still help you with your issue because immigration issues operate at the federal level. This means if you want to know about spouse visa requirements or immigration marriage IE, you can hire anyone no matter where they are located.

Why are lawyers so expensive?

When you decide to hire an immigration lawyer, you might be located in a small town without many reputable lawyers. In which case, you might choose to hire someone in New York City, London, San Francisco, or any other large city. It is simply going to cost more for Legal Services in larger cities. What’s more, an attorney will be more expensive depending on how complex your case is because the complexity of your case dictates how much work is going to be done, which influences how many hours of effort the attorney has to put into your situation.

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What will my immigration attorney charge?

Each immigration attorney is different. What they charge is based entirely on what your case is like. The charges you can expect can be broken down into two areas: consultations and services.


The consultation is the first meeting you have with an attorney. Suppose you are interviewing multiple attorneys to find the best fit. In that case, you can expect to pay a consultation fee for each of them. The price ranges anywhere between $100 and $300, depending on where you live and how large the firm is. If you want some basic legal advice before moving forward, or you just want to make sure that you have the correct form. Still, you are otherwise confident with every other aspect of your case. The consultation might be all you need to get the information on which to act. 

A consultation is also where you figure out whether that particular Law Firm or individual is a good match. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss the cost of services.


The legal services a law firm provides handling immigration matters are usually a flat fee. This means that you can expect to pay maybe $2,000 for a basic worker visa or $5,000 for a marriage visa or even $10,000 for a deportation proceeding. During your consultation, you can speak with each immigration attorney to get more information about what they charge and how it’s broken down.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I do the forms myself?

There are certain situations where you might be able to get away with doing the work yourself or filling out the forms yourself. In other cases, an attorney might be willing to split the workload with you so that you handle menial tasks like gathering documents and filling out the forms, and then the attorney just looks it over to make sure there are no mistakes. You will have to discuss this during a consultation because not all attorneys are willing to do this.

Why should I work with an attorney if I can find answers online?

The internet is a great place for you to find information. Still, it’s not always relevant information, nor is it always correct. Things like regular blogs might have rudimentary information that doesn’t apply to your case. When you try to file immigration petitions, if you do it the wrong way or you fill out the wrong form, it can stop you from getting immigration benefits or result in your case being dismissed. Having a comprehensive knowledge of current immigration law and how that law might affect your situation is imperative. That is why you should work with an attorney who can give you peace of mind of expertise in the field.

Should my attorney be a member of AILA?

This acronym AILA is for the American Immigration Lawyers Association. This is a National Organization that many reputable immigration attorneys are a part of. Suppose you are looking for immigration attorneys and don’t know where to start. In that case, they offer a great database of registered attorneys who are also members of that Association. That said, your attorney doesn’t have to be a member, and if they aren’t, that doesn’t mean they are a bad attorney. Just understand that being a member of different organizations like these gives your attorney access to resources, networking, and other information that might be particularly useful to your case.