The Impact of Bad Website Design on Your Business


Everyone has seen websites that just don’t look right – they might not look like they’re for a legitimate business or they might be so poorly designed they’re impossible to use. When your business website looks like this, it can be detrimental and can impact your overall brand. It’s important to make sure you have a great website design that benefits your customers or you might start to see a negative impact from it. 

The Potential Cost of a Bad Website Design

A bad website design can end up being incredibly expensive to deal with, even if the cost to have it built was low. Often, the only way to get around a bad website design is by designing a new website. Beyond this extra expense, you may find that the bad website design costs the business money in lost revenue. There are many reasons why people may decide to look somewhere else for what they need, and a bad website design is one of them. It can actually cause a serious drop in revenue for a business. 

Losing Customers Who Think It’s a Scam

Depending on how the website looks, customers might think it’s a scam instead of a legitimate website. There are certain signs that a website is fake, and if a poor website design includes any of these elements, customers may not be sure about purchasing something off the site. They may be worried that their information won’t be secure or that the website is fake and they won’t revive the products or services they buy through it. 

Customers Won’t Come Back if They Can’t View the Site

A poor website design likely isn’t responsive, or if it is, the responsive design doesn’t work properly and it’s hard to navigate. Customers often shop on their phones because it’s convenient and always with them. If the website design makes it difficult or impossible to shop on a mobile device, it’s likely the customer will give up. They’re not going to try to figure a way around issues or try to use a non-responsive design on a mobile device. They’ll simply leave the page. 

Customers May Turn to Competitors for What They Need

If a customer ends up leaving the site because they think it’s a scam or they can’t get it to work to find what they need, they’re not going to try again another day. They’re just going to look for a competitor that has what they need. Imagine a customer who needs household items. They can’t find their way around a website, so they go to the competitor and they’re able to easily find it using a beautifully designed website. They’re not going to go back to the other site. They’re going to stick with the new company for everything they need. 

A bad website design can be detrimental for companies today, so it is crucial to create the right design from the start. If you’re ready to design a new website for your business or you need to fix a bad design, talk to the experts today. They’ll help you create a website that’s going to look stunning, be secure, and have everything your customers will need. Though you may lose revenue and customers with a bad website design, you can recover from this by having a new one created.