The New It bracelet comes from Konavle

If you’re seeking for a personality change or an image makeover, you’ll be impressed with just how a few accessories can make such a significant difference.

Konavočice bracelets is the most talked-about thing in Dubrovnik right now. They come from the picturesque countryside of Konavle. Why are they so special?
Well, not only they’re unique and hand-crafted, but they also have a touch of history.
Fashionable, yet affordable, Konavočice bracelet make a perfect gift and souvenir.

dubrovnik bracelet The traditional and centuries old embroidery from Konavle region is now redesigned and modernized by Mrs. Stane Vlašić . She does all the handy work as well. Behind every creation she makes there are hours and hours of hard work but also so much love. Her ”it” bracelets come in different colors, sizes and designs.



These beauties can be bought in the gift shop Silk and more on Lučarica street, but also in the DEŠA Association (Lazareti, just outside the Ploče Gate).

*Did you know?

Konavle has been renowned for the production of silk yarn for centuries.It was used for decoration of male and female national costumes.. Every woman of Konavle had to rear enough silkworms to produce her own yarn for her individual embroidery. Until marriage, she would produce enough embroidery for various occasions and circumstances. It would be her only accessory and signature. Every embroidery has a unique language that describes its tailor ; her cunning, wealth or hardship. When it’s finally becomes a part of the costume it represents a part of tailor’s personality. The Konavle embroidery is worn around the chest and the sleeves. The Konavle embroidery is an important part of the national costume of a small region and it has developed its own artistic language transforming into something more than simple decoration.


Photo credit: Doris Raguž