Parks are usually an essential part of our happy memories because of the fun time we spend in them. Many people spent a lot of their time in the parks when they were kids, and many others associate them with family outings. Whatever be the significance of parks in your life, you probably wouldn’t mind revisiting them. There are a lot of amazing parks all over the world, renowned for their stunning natural beauty and picturesque locations. 

parks to visit

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most breathtakingly beautiful locations that you should visit if you love parks. These parks are some of the most famous due to their unique characteristics. So without further ado, let’s get to it and find out which places you can visit if you absolutely adore parks. 


The city of light is usually the number one on any list that involves a thing of beauty. Paris seems to be the home to everything artistic and beautiful, which is why the famous Jardin du Luxembourg fits right in. This park is the perfect place for any family due to the various attractions like an octagonal pond that kids enjoy. 


London is another name that comes to mind when one thinks about the beauty of Europe. This historical city has so much to offer; parks like Regent’s Park are just the cherry on top. If you love English cuisine and proper tea, having a picnic in this park might be the best day of your life.


If you think about family destinations and the UK together, the obvious choice that’ll come to mind is Wales. This location is filled with parks for you to experience and enjoy with your loved ones. You’ll discover that fantastic dog-friendly holidays in Wales are known to be incredibly alluring as you can enjoy these lush green spaces with your best friend all day long. If London isn’t your type of destination, then Wales is likely to perfectly match your requirements.

New York

There’s no city as coveted and as highly thought-of as New York in the entire world. The first park that comes to mind is Central Park which has been popularised due to various movies and TV shows. If you’re planning a trip to the USA, visit New York to experience its pizzas and the world-famous Central Park.

Hong Kong

Most people don’t think of an Asian destination when they think of leisure. However, Hong Kong is a city worth spending some time in. Hong Kong Park is one of the most calming parks you can ever visit. Located amidst the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, this park truly feels like an oasis in a concrete desert. 

parks to visit

Above are some of the most unique destinations you can visit if you’re fond of parks. There are millions of parks worldwide. but the contenders on this list always have a unique factor that makes them stand out. Even if parks aren’t the primary focus of your trip. You’ll have a good time if you decide to visit one while on a trip.