Things You Should Do Before Taking a Winery Tour


Several things may be done to make a wine tour a more pleasing experience. However, many people don’t know the steps they should take to improve their experience. Experts recommend every person consider the following things when embarking on the tour for an incredible experience in every way.

Research Wineries

Before visiting Asheville wineries, research the options. New wineries open every day. Some wineries are worth visiting, while others are a waste of time. It never hurts to have a tasting room, and consider incorporating both new and established wineries in the tour. A vineyard might not produce wine for years following its opening, so keep this in mind when planning the tour.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wine tours include trips to see where and how grapes are grown. Some wineries have dress codes and others don’t. When dressing for the tour, make comfort a priority while adhering to the dress code. Shoes serve as the most important part of the outfit. Avoid heels, and choose footwear that minimize any foot pain.

Dark colors for clothing are best. If wine gets spilled on the clothing, it won’t be obvious. The odds of the clothing being permanently stained also decrease. Avoid tops with flowing sleeves so they don’t get in the wine. Also, pull the hair back. Finally, bring a small bag to carry a glass, food, and other items needed throughout the tour. This keeps a person’s hands free, which is preferable.

Eating Before a Tour

Many people wonder if they should eat before a tour. They know the various wineries offer appetizers and snacks along with the wines they serve. However, these foods don’t make up a full meal.

Most people find they need to eat something before taking the tour. This ensures they aren’t hungry or tasting wine on an empty stomach. Choose a plain but filling meal. Spicy foods and those with heavy seasoning affect a person’s taste buds and alter the taste of the wines being sampled.

Try New Wines

People often visit wineries and sip their favorites. A wine tour is a great time to branch out and try new things. Start with the classics and then move on to new wines. By moving out of their comfort zone, a person might find a new favorite drink.

For example, a person might want to try a wine with a fruity aroma or one that contains more alcohol. A wine tour is a great time to do so, as they don’t have to commit to a purchase until they know they like something. Include a dry wine or a light wine with red fruit during this tour as well.

Use the Proper Technique

Many people ruin the wine-tasting experience by holding their glasses incorrectly. The proper grip truly enhances the experience. Hold the glass by the stem rather than the bowl. Holding the bowl can lead to the warmth of the hand affecting the wine’s taste.

Swirl the wine before drinking. This boosts the oxygen content while allowing the wine to breathe. People who swirl their wine before drinking it find it is more flavorful.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, do the following things to make the tour amazing. Avoid wearing any fragrance that may interfere with the wine’s aroma. Furthermore, don’t drink too much on the day before the tour. Avoid wearing any lipstick or lip balm that may alter the taste of the wines, and hydrate before the tour. People who do so find the experience to be everything they envisioned. These simple things will take any wine tour from average to excellent, so try them today.