Verify Your Online Casino: 5 Anti-Scam Checks


Are You Playing On The Official Casino Site? 5 Quick Checks

On the face of it, it’s all pretty simple with security in gambling. All you need is to find a reputable casino. If it’s recommended by a trusted source, you just go to its website and feel totally safe, right? Wrong. The issue is that scammers can actually mimic legitimate official sites. They’ll force you to believe you are playing on the authentic site until … well, until it comes to withdrawing funds, of course. It’s not all THAT bad though. You can always quickly check if the site is official or not.

1. Licensing

Legitimacy starts with proper licensing. Genuine casinos all have it. Check the website’s footer for licensing information — it should be clearly displayed. For example, if you visit the Rooli Casino website, you can see the licensing info in the left-hand and right-hand corners. You can see who issued the license and double-check these credentials (i.e. the number) on the regulator’s official website.

Okay, let’s say this box is ticked, what’s next?

2. Secure Connections

And next is a very very simple step to ensure a site is valid (a step many gamblers forget about). Before you input any personal information or make a deposit, look at the type of connection you’re dealing with.

A padlock symbol in the URL bar and a web address that begins with “https://” indicate SSL encryption. This encryption secures the data exchanged between you and the casino. If you don’t see this “https://” well, something must be wrong here.

3. Payment Methods

Well-known payment methods are a good sign of a casino’s legitimacy. Official sites typically support transactions through reputable sources like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, and sometimes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But if a casino only offers unusual or obscure payment methods, the methods you haven’t even heard of, don’t risk.

Besides, remember that most gambling platforms ask you to withdraw funds using the same method as you used for the deposit. If the site says you can use different methods, it’s, at least, worth contacting their support team and hearing their comments on it. By the way, as to the support…

4. Customer Support

An official casino invests in quality customer support. A scam site would hardly do that. To test the support team, contact them with some inquiries. An official site will provide multiple contact methods such as live chat, email, and phone. Okay, that’s not 100% so in all cases. Sometimes, they can have just one method available. But what is certain is that they will do their best to respond promptly and professionally.

Slow and unnatural responses look suspicious. The lack of responses is certainly a red flag.

5. Consistency and Quality

And finally, don’t think your impression is too subjective to matter. It’s not. Your experience (not only in gambling but overall online experience) should be sufficient to assess the quality and consistency of the website.

Official casino sites generally have a high standard of web design and user experience. They have

  • fast loading times
  • high-resolution graphics
  • an intuitive layout.

Poorly constructed sites with broken links, numerous typos, or inconsistent branding are thus potential indicators of a fake operation.


Explaining these checks actually took longer than completing them in practice. When you get used to it, it’ll only take you a couple of minutes to assess a website at a glance and spot if there’s anything fishy about it.