Weighing in on the Feel of Two Coastal Locations with Fresh Air for Summer Vacation


Living in America or traveling across its length and breadth can be exciting and overwhelming simultaneously for its rich coastlines that offer something unique for everyone. Since the summer holidays are on, beach vacations can be on your mind too. But the problem is what to choose and why. Let’s pick California and Oregon. California has ten famous beaches with clean air, while Oregon has six. That means you have plenty of options to select from. Again, both coastal destinations have unique strengths, which can make one more preferred than the other. Here is a quick take on a few aspects to simplify your decision.

California and Oregon: Similarities Between Two Coastal Destinations Around Water

Safety from air pollution should be a priority no matter where you visit. Ten beaches in California with good AQI per www.mybiosource.com/  include Carmel Beach (16), Santa Cruz (20), Pismo Beach (25), Malibu (43), Huntington Beach (44), etc. If you check Oregon, fresh air beaches are Seaside (17), Rockaway Beach (18), Lincoln City (19), Cannon Beach (20), and Yachats (21). Both these coastal states are on the Pacific Ocean in different directions. But they share some common ocean properties, such as mountains, boulders, coral reefs, fascinating water hues, diverse nature, and more. These two states also have arches and natural bridges. Wherever you halt on your way, nature’s beauty will welcome you. 

Hiking trails are aplenty. At least one waterfall will treat you to its majestic charm as you pass by. In Oregon, it can be Hug Point. California can give you a sneak peek into McWay Falls. You can also look for camping opportunities in these coastal locations.

California and Oregon: Differences Between Two Coastal Destinations Around Water

The reason for dropping by California beaches is the tropical, warm atmosphere and air quality. Places feel bright on this side, especially as you drive more toward the south. In the north, the vibe will be similar to Oregon’s. Oregon stands out for its enormous boulders, mountains, natural bridges, and more. This area can have a colder atmosphere punctuated with greenery. What do you like? The choices are apparent; however, some people choose California for its mixed nature. Oregon is mainly northern beauty. So, if you enjoy diversity or tropical surroundings, California can answer your wanderlust. But Oregon can be attractive if you want to soak in the cooler air. Both destinations have excellent scenery. So, don’t bother about that.

The best time to be in California runs from June through September. Beaches have clean air and salubrious weather, and music festivals will be full swing. Oregon is also suitable for beach vacations around the same time. You can venture out for various outdoor activities, like swimming, boating, fishing, strolling, hiking, and more. Since June to September is drier and warmer, you will have lots of sunshine and clear sky days to make your vacation frame-worthy. Have you decided where to head with family, friends, or solo this summer? There are many things you can do, whether you are in California or Oregon.