What Determines The Victory of a Poker Face?

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If you understand what poker face means, you should know about the gambling game. The concept is mainly used at the table when playing online poker for real money or at a casino. For beginners, a poker face implies that you, as a player of the game, know how to give off fake emotions through your face to avoid giving hints to other players at the table. 

The main aim of the poker game relies on how well a player is able to give off fake intentions rather than having the best cards. Doing this is what bettors and the gambling environment refer to as a poker face. 

So, what determines the victory of a poker face? Having the perfect poker face takes much practice in your movements and body language. Having said that, here are a few tips that determine the victory of your poker face.

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Controlling Your Facial Expression

In a poker game, you must be as careful as possible. Just because you have the best hand of cards doesn’t guarantee that you will win. So you need to be sharp-minded and, at the same time, cool-headed. 

Your facial expression is an essential aspect of the poker face trick. Naturally, the face is where most human emotions and feelings appear. To be an expert player with this trick, you must be able to relax your facial muscles to avoid giving any form of hints to others. 

Some of the best poker punters cultivate the act of making their facial expressions as natural as possible. For instance, excessive blinking and staring might give off signals of anxiety. As a result, you must be able to master the act of naturally blinking and finding a balance in any case and period of the game. 

Master The Art of Bluffing

Your manners of bluffing are a significant point that determines the victory of your poker face. Therefore, you must master the art of bluffing even with the worst hand of cards. Of course, it would be difficult; but mastering this art will be another weapon in your arsenal. 

Another key to bluffing is convincing other players that you are not bluffing. So how do you go about it? Take your time and proudly bluff that you have got better cards. At the same time, try and convince your opponents that what you are saying is true. 

Even if you own the worst cards, loudly bluff and trick other players into thinking you have a better card. Of course, other players will try to bluff too. A master at poker face would be able to counter it with a smile and a better bluff, something like “My cards are better than yours, I don’t care, or “This game belongs to me”. 

Get a Good Posture and Body Language 

A perfect poker face must always have good posture and body language. In addition to controlling your facial expression, this is another determinant of a successful poker face. Your plan is not to give out any signals about whether you are winning or losing, which your body language plays a role in pointing out. 

First, you must be able to continue a match without fidgeting. Never do it. Once an expert poker player sees this, fidgeting is enough to give you away. 

Another red flag to victory poker face is frequently looking at your cards. Always remember what cards you have in your possession so as not to forget. The best way to do this is by signaling to yourself a different body moment with each card. 

Subtle Body Movement Tips and Techniques for A Good Poker Face

Winning the game of poker with this trick is not that simple. You will need to master the art of giving false facial expressions and body language to get money in your bank. Many forms of these movements are necessary to give a good poker face.

Practice the following body movement tips and techniques to master and become a pro at poker face:

  • Avoid drawing big breaths during matches. 
  • Naturally, blink your eyes. 
  • Give a relaxed smile.
  • Avoid unnecessary noises and shrugging; it gives off signals of a weak hand. 
  • Confidently slide chips into the pot without making noise. 
  • Closely watch the body language of other players. 
  • Protect your cards well.
  • Bluff and speak with boldness. 
  • Never rush into playing anything; be patient. 
  • Try controlled breathing during the game. 
  • Avoid any form of distraction at home or in the office. 


The best place to try your poker face skill is at an online poker. Once you take your time to learn the rules of poker and develop all the necessary aspects, find a reliable online platform to start playing. In addition to avoiding external distractions, try the above tips and tricks to enjoy your poker betting experience.