Can you ever go wrong with a Rolex watch? What’s interesting is that Rolex watches can be an investment. In the world of watches, it is a luxury watch brand champion and has been consistently rising with success among many individuals around the world over the years. Rolex offers a wide range of Oyster Perpetual and Cellini watches to suit any wrist including the Explorer, Submariner, and Daytona, to name a few. It’s no secret that Rolex watches are expensive.

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While everything is comparative, Rolex watches are among the most prestigious watch brands worldwide, never compromising quality, the price of their products naturally reflects that. Explore the Rolex collection of high-precision, prestigious watches. A wide range of Classic and Professional watch models are available from Rolex. To find a great balance of style and functionality, explore the large range of Rolex watches. 


The Story Behind Rolex Watches

Rolex is unquestionably the most famous luxury watch brand in the world. No matter if you’re in Russia, France, or the U.S., people, even those who don’t know watches very well, often know about Rolex. Splendid craftsmanship, sophisticated elegance, and a certain stylish cachet. For these qualities and more, Rolex Watches make such an iconic brand. What many individuals sometimes fail to fathom is that these famous watches are incredibly robust. For over a century, Rolex watches have been the favorite of adventurers and explorers. From towering mountain peaks to the darkest ocean depths, they have followed their wearers everywhere, combining functionality with the timeless style of Rolex watches.

Rolex, founded in London, England in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred David, was first known as Wilsdorf and Alfred before becoming the popular brand known as Rolex. With incredible innovations throughout its tenure, Rolex has contributed to the history of watchmaking. The brand was inspired to produce durable, high-quality wristwatches to meet and achieve the requirements of explorers and adventurers. A Rolex is not just a time-telling symbol, it is also a symbol of status and success. The brand is followed by an enviable fan and can count several famous personalities among its devotees. Che Guevara, Winston Churchill, the Dalai Lama, some prominent Rolex owners. For many years, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods have been acting as Rolex ambassadors. The actor and race car driver, Paul Newman, is without a doubt another indispensable part of Rolex’s history. The Paul Newman Daytona is currently one of Rolex’s most pricey vintage watches. The manufacturer instead focuses on creating accurate and highly durable watches with distinctive designs that create instant recognition when it comes to a Rolex watch, instead of developing exotic complications.

The Most Adored Rolex Watch Models

When it comes to choosing Rolex watches for men, there are plenty to choose from that fits the personality and lifestyle of each person and the same applies to our Rolex watches for women. Many famous athletes and explorers have chosen to wear a Rolex, whether in the sky, on the field, or in the water, due to the durability and accuracy of the watches.

Here are some of the most adored Rolex models:


Thanks to functions and aesthetics that never go out of fashion, Rolex’s Datejust is the archetype of the classic watch. A traditional look with modern functionality is combined by Datejust. It’s available in a variety of style choices. It’s sure to transcend shifts in fashion for decades to come, whatever look you pick.


Daytona is an excellent watch that has been crafted to meet the needs of outstanding drivers. To keep track of their laps on the course, professional racing drivers know they can rely on this sporty, but accurate, high-performance watch. A watch that was born to race.


Watches from the Submariner lineup have been designed for diving. They are well recognized for their water and corrosion – resistance by those who spend time in the water. The big, uncluttered dial features numbers that, even deep underwater, are easy to read. Submariner Date, watches that exemplify the historic relationship between Rolex and the world of diving

The Submariner, launched in 1953, was one of the first dive watches to be made and was 100 meters waterproof. Today’s Submariner far surpasses the original, with a depth of up to 300 meters.


For almost three-quarters of a century, Yacht-Master watches have become the yachtsman’s watch of choice. The Yacht-Master II features a high-performance regatta chronograph that is important for success during yachting competitions.

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