Will betting sites replace high street bookmakers? 


The advent of the digital and online world has shaken the traditional retail model to its core—that is plain to see. One of the industries most affected has been betting, where we have seen old brick-and-mortar bookies being rapidly overtaken by the popularity of remote betting through online portals like Topbettingsites Ireland. As things stand, though, high street bookmakers are still around and show no signs of going anywhere. But could online betting sites eventually replace them entirely? 

Let’s look at a few reasons why this may be the case. 

1. Convenience

It’s certainly one of the clearer effects of online betting to see that it is just a lot more convenient and accessible for everyone. No longer do you need to leave the house and go into a bookmakers to make a bet, but you can do it with a mobile device from anywhere. 

Whatever it is you want to bet on, you can find an operator offering odds on it, and you can find somewhere to livestream the event—all without leaving the sofa. While this method of betting isn’t for everyone, and many still enjoy the experience of going out into town to place a bet, online betting allows everyone, even the disabled, to bet easily and conveniently from anywhere. Check out Mostbet login!

This is obviously a huge advantage and allows a far greater number of customers to bet through your platform. Even if demand for brick-and-mortar betting shops never fully dies out, it may simply become the expedient business choice to move your services entirely online.  

2. Speed 

Next, is the speed of modern betting sites. The internet has come a long way, and while it was revolutionary from the start, it was often considered niche, with a difficult point of entry, and up until quite recently, was often too slow to avoid being frustrating. In just the last decade or so, those speeds have jumped astronomical steps. 

In only 2010, the average internet speeds internationally were around 5mbps. Today, the average speed of most domestic internet connections is around 64mbps. This is, plainly, a huge leap, and has made all sorts of internet services far more efficient and attractive. 

This has, in part, fuelled the boom in digital services over the last ten years, and particularly in online betting. Fast speeds mean apps are more responsive and smoother to use, and placing a bet takes a fraction of the time that it once did. 

Even for mobile betting services, the average speed of 4G downloads on mobile devices is almost 40mbps. Whereas betting sites may have had a tougher time being widely adopted in previous decades, they are now a lot more convenient—taking power away from high street bookmakers. While this technology still has wrinkles to be worked out, it’s clearly the future. 

3. In-play betting 

One particularly popular innovation which has come about as a result of the increased speeds of networks and mobile devices is in-play betting. This is betting on an event, of one kind or another, during the course of the event. Betting sites will offer new odds based on things that are happening live in the game, and you can make bets on events based on the latest possible information. 

Again, without high-speed mobile technology this just wouldn’t really be possible without being inside a bookmakers for the entire event. The majority of sports bettors are fans of the sport first and bettors second. They want to watch the games from the stadium, or at home on their own TV. 

In-play betting is clearly a lot more feasible with betting sites than it is with high street bookmakers and companies like bet365 have never had a physical presence on the high street – the began as websites. Again, you attract a wider base of customers, and make the act of betting in some ways inherently more excited because customers can feel they are closer to the action. 

The list could go on. While high street bookmakers are not without their appeal for many bettors today, it is clear that something fairly radical would have to happen to prevent the eventual overtaking of online betting sites. Online betting is easier, faster, you can bet during events on live updates, and you can have access to a wider range of betting markets all over the world.