At a Microsoft event on 24 June 2021, the company revealed plans to develop Windows 11. Now, gamers are wondering how this will affect them. 

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With their passion for gaming, Finnish gamers are always watching for new developments in the gaming market. So, they’re curious how Windows 11 will affect it. 

It’s no secret that the gameplay experience across devices can vary wildly. Windows 11 will improve modern PC gaming and affect Xbox gamers. 

We’ve thoroughly researched this topic with the help of our guest author, Maunu Seppinen. Seppinen is an expert in Microsoft technology with a passion for video games. Read the rest of our article to find out how Windows 11 will change online gaming. 

Release Date

Finnish gamers anxiously awaiting Windows 11 can expect to see it rolling out in late 2021. The company hasn’t officially announced a month. Most likely, Microsoft will launch it in October, as it’s alluded to “turning it up” at that time. 

But, the initial launch only includes new devices. Upgrades to existing ones won’t start until the beginning of 2022. 

Windows 11 and Online Gambling

This technology could potentially affect internet gambling in various ways. Finland’s gamers can look forward to the following improvements when they upgrade to Windows 11:

Better Graphics

Windows 11 players will enjoy more detailed games, brighter colors, and richer images with more depth. Microsoft provides these enhancements with a technology called Auto HDR. 

How Auto HDR Works

Auto HDR boosts color automatically. It searches HDR-supported displays when connected. If it finds one, it’ll implement the color boosts without requiring user input. 

Increased Speed

Microsoft also plans to increase the game speed with Windows 11. You can expect much faster loading times because of Direct Storage. This tech also supports massive open worlds that are super detailed. Textures load in with a large radius that goes past your field of vision, so you won’t have to get closer to see clearly. 

Direct Storage: How it Works

Typically, modern PC games load a game onto the central processing unit (CPU). But, direct storage bypasses this method, putting it directly on the graphics card. This way, your processor isn’t bogged down and can access your files quicker. 

Rumors that Direct Storage would be exclusive to Windows 11 saddened players who are hesitant to upgrade their system. But, Microsoft announced that the tech will also be available on the tenth version

Better Performance

Windows 11 will refine gaming performance by tweaking Game Mode. Microsoft introduced this feature in the previous version. The company designed it to decrease the usage of background apps. But, it hasn’t boosted performance much for Windows 10 players. 

The new version will further limit app activity. Windows 11 players should see an enhanced performance with more resources put towards their PC games. 

windows 11

Downsides to Windows 11

Microsoft’s new system will enhance online gambling in many ways. But, Finnish players should note that there have been a few concerns in the gaming community:

Default App Changes

Many gamers are worried that Microsoft plans to change the process of setting default apps. It’ll require you to select the “always use this app” option the first time you use an application. Otherwise, Microsoft won’t change the default. 

Switching Browsers

Unlike previous versions, Windows 11 will always assume you want Microsoft Edge as your preferred browser. You can change this setting, but it’s pretty complicated if you don’t do it right away. 

Plus, Microsoft heavily promotes Microsoft Edge in this version. Any time you use another browser, it’ll suggest switching. Many people find this system frustrating


Now that you’ve read this article, you know how Windows 11 will improve the gaming experience and people’s concerns about this new system. So, you can decide whether upgrading is the right decision for your online gambling experience.