Do you want to try a special ice cream? You can make it by yourself!

recipe Ice Cream Godubrovnik

Zero-Calorie-Cream with or without using an ice cream machine

1 can whole fat Coconut Milk
1-3 Tbsp Sweetener Substitute

4 Tbsp Protein syrup (the recipe for that is in the Pancake recipe on this blog 🙂

3 egg whites


Put mixing bowl and whisk in freezer for 10 minutes, then pour the coconut milk (previously cooled down overnight in the fridge) into bowl and let sit in freezer for an additional few minutes until the milk starts to freeze on the sides.

Add egg whites into the coconut milk and begin mixing it on a low setting, and gradually increase to medium speed to get the cream frothy and slightly thickened, reduce speed and add the sweetener until the cream has a nice light sweetness. Begin mixing on medium again and slowly increase the speed to high.

recipe Ice Cream Godubrovnik Dubrovnik

At this point add the protein syrup of your choice (I added vanilla flavour) while mixing to a heavy whipped cream. Start with 4 tbsp of syrup, taste, and adjust to your liking. Continue whipping until the cream is heavy and thick, and the whisk starts struggling to move through the cream. Pour into container of choice, and place in freezer. If you have an ice cream maker, this is where you can use it – if not please do the following:

When you have placed it in freezer, leave for 1 hour. Then take out and mix again (or blend, I used a blender). Repeat this procedure 5 times – or as many as you consider necessary. This is to make sure your ice cream is thick, bubbly and creamy instead of frozen too hard to get your spoon in!

Cone recipe Ice Cream Godubrovnik

In the mix you can also add some cinnamon, coconut flour, nuts, ginger – or any other flavour you would enjoy. This is just a simple base, and you can modify it to what YOUR taste buds like and enjoy.