100 years of filming in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has always been an interesting place for the film industry. Big movie-makers, famous actors, expensive movie sets are all related to our belowed city. The history of this relationship dates back to the early years of the last century. Since the first film was filmed in Dubrovnik until today,  the relationship developed and enriched. Of course, like any true relationship this one had its ups and downs.12764686_1700721930209111_457781820223745398_o
Much has been recorded, many of our fellow citizens acted, directed, and worked one way or another related to the art of film in Dubrovnik. That relationship is the theme of this event.
From 14.04. to 23.04. ”Tišina Molim” (Silence please!) will show the history of this relationship. Trough the various events they organise, they will continue to encourage and develop. There will be something for everyone, both adults and for children, for those who like ”the old world”, the black and white with mysterious men and beautiful girls, but also for those who love this new, modern world, with all the wonders of technology and capabilities. The program for now remains a mystery , like the hero of noir films, in a gray raincoat and a hat over his eyes.  ”Silence please” wants to thank our fellow citizens :actors, extras, observers, those who managed to make some money by renting film crews all that they had. They will do this  by creating a video collage, a graphic description of the City’s relationship to the movie.

For more info : Tisina Molim!