6 Ideas for Singles to Have Fun on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day can sometimes be depressing and filled with anxiety, especially for single people who desire to be in love. However, it does not have to be that way, as long as you know how to be single and love yourself regardless of the occasion. Many people have been single during Valentine’s and have gotten through easily. 

If you are single, you need to plan effectively on how you will celebrate the valentines to avoid all the negative thoughts and loneliness. Everyone got a way of getting through situations; however, these tips should be ideal for getting anyone through the upcoming valentines. Keep reading. 

1. Indulge Yourself

February 14th is a day to celebrate intimate love, go out with a partner, and have the best time. Being single does not mean you forcefully look for someone; instead, you can indulge in other activities to keep you busy. 

The first is a reflection which involves you reflecting on what you have learned from relationships, the suitable movements, and the bad moments. Do not focus too much on analyzing your partners; focus on yourself and what you learned. Finally, write a list of what you promise to change in your relationship, what you are looking for in the next relationship, and other issues. 

You can also work on creating a gratitude list that includes the things you are grateful for and those you wish to be thankful for but has yet to achieve. As you indulge in different activities, you must change your perception of valentine. Instead of pitying yourself about being single, work on how to get happy about your present status and celebrate love events and occasions alone.

2. Try Matchmaking

Valentine’s can also be a day to look for your perfect match, especially if you have been too busy with other commitments such as work. This is the day to try out matchmaker in Chicago or any other state to help link you to someone. To succeed in matchmaking list the traits you need and be sincere about your traits and perceptions about issues such as dating. 

You can also try other dating sites and websites and spend your time learning about different people on the sites. Read their profiles and try personal matchmaking before you like their profile and confirm whether you two match. You can do this for the whole day to train for what’s coming. When you are tired of matchmaking, read some articles and content to prepare you for dating in case you plan to date soon. 

Valentine's Day

3. Netflix and Chill

The stress of being single, especially on Valentine’s Day, can be overwhelming; hence you need something that can indulge you fully. Netflix or a great movie will be a way to keep yourself busy. Don’t select movies about romance since they will remind you about the past. If you are strong emotionally, you can select a few romance movies and learn some lessons. 

You can Netflix alone or invite someone else to join. To boost the feelings and entertainment, get some favorite snacks to enjoy. Some people would also recommend sitcoms and comedy series to keep you laughing for the better part of the day. You can also go to the movie theatre to enjoy new movies or any movie on the list.

Valentine's Day

4. Think about Others

Valentine’s day may be the time for couple love, but you also need to think about others who may not have the love itself and desire it. You may have many single friends, hence the need to spare some time, create a mini party and enjoy meals together. You can also wrap some gifts for them. You can also spend time with family, i.e. appreciate the importance of parents in shaping your life or create a new norm of celebrating your relationship with parents.

Do not forget your close friends; you can meet together for some bestie time out and share some nice memories, then call it a day. Go to your favorite hanging out spots, visit new restaurants and enjoy the benefits of friendships. It can also be a time to make some new friends. As you step out with friends, wear something that makes you feel good, perhaps try out a new dress and listen to some positive compliments to motivate you.

5. Have Some Personal Fun Time 

How do you celebrate Valentine’s alone and ensure you have the maximum fun? You can focus on group events such as music concerts, talk shows and other events. Buy some tickets to go out and spend time with others. You can dance, laugh and make good of every activity.

If you do not love crowds, you can have fun alone. One of the best activities is to make Valentine’s a perfect and worthy spa day. Go to a spa, and pay for various services such as manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, sauna, steam services and many more. After all these activities, jump in the pool and swim, then have a single dinner or buy a takeaway as you head home. This will be a perfect way to spend your whole valentine’s day. 

You can also take things further by booking a staycation, ordering room services, and enjoying being single and loving yourself. Since it is your day, treat yourself to something special, you can buy a gift, cloth, or any other item you have desired. The gift will always remind you of the power of self-love and commitment to rebuilding yourself. 

Valentine's Day

6. Write a Journal

At the end of the day, before you retire to bed, write about the day, what made it perfect, and your plans. Make a special journal entry and write as much as you want, and ensure you are positive, future-oriented, and committed to being better rather than resenting your current situation. 

Do not worry about being petty about certain things; everything matters as long as they are positive and entails good emotional health and stability. Finally, write down some new promises and monitor the growth or achievement of these promises in the days to come.


The activity you select for this day should boost self-love and care. Ensure you treat yourself to the best services, and do not forget about others who may be single like you and desire some love.