bang guns practical tips

Blast guns and revolvers have been among the most popular products for many years. Known as bang guns, they can be an effective means of self-defense, an alarm device, and can also act as a deterrent to wild animals and birds.

In this post, I’ll discuss the most popular bang guns, useful accessories, and the basics around cleaning and care. Also, make sure to check natchez optics

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Purchase of bang weapons

The first and one of the most important pieces of information we need to have is that no permit is required for all the models of bang guns available in our store. The bang guns and revolvers we offer shoot various types of 6mm bang ammunition, for which neither tests nor additional licenses are required. No ammunition other than bang ammunition can be used in these guns. Gas ammunition available several years ago will not fit, and shooting it in models designed for blank ammunition can end in equipment failure or paralysis of the shooter himself.

Although you do not need additional licenses for 6mm bang guns when selling them in the showroom or on our website we will ask you to provide data from your ID card, i.e. number, series, and information by whom the card was issued. This is related to the Law on Weapons and Ammunition, under which we are subject.

Types of bang guns

So, we are determined to buy a bang gun or revolver but have not yet decided what model will work for us. Over the years, we have developed a key that we follow when selling bang guns.

Guns for 6mm short ammunition, i.e. Start 1 and Start 2 models – we recommend them to customers who need so-called starters for sports competitions. These are small 6 or 8-shot pistols with a very simple and proven design. The type of ammunition used in them is the shortest, and therefore the quietest and cheapest of all available.

Start pistols also work well as tools for initial animal training and, thanks to a bang flare fired from the included cap, can be used in agriculture to scare away birds.

Lexon 11 pistols and Baflo Fenix revolvers in 3 and 4-inch barrels are powered by intermediate long ammunition. The bang of the gunshot is loud enough to serve as a tool for deterring wildlife. These models are very often chosen as bird spooks. When firing a bang flare, the explosion “doubles”, and thus the effectiveness increases. Weapons for long ammunition are also preferred by dog trainers.

Zoraki pistols and revolvers powered by 5.6mm Green Mega Rumble ammunition. Blast guns powered by 5.6mm bang ammunition are among the loudest available on the market without a permit. The bang of the shot is only a few decibels lower than that of a 9mm firearm. Zoraki revolvers are used in agriculture as bird and wildlife deterrents. The Stalker by its handling and operation imitates a real gun, so it can be used as part of the familiarization with sharp weapons. These models in exceptional situations can act as a scarecrow on an attacker.

All the models mentioned have a cap included, which allows you to fire bangs and light flares. The colorful varieties can be used as warning flares or during New Year’s Eve as an additional attraction to the party.

Necessary accessories

The most important thing in handling a bang gun is its regular cleaning and maintenance. All types of 6mm ammunition get our gun very dirty during shooting. The residue from the burnt gunpowder not only clogs the barrel and flare cap but is corrosive enough to cause damage to the coating of our guns, resulting in rust outbreaks. Therefore, let’s remember to treat our bang guns with the appropriate oil after each shooting, and periodically with a flared cap. The most common oils of choice are:

  • Brunox;
  • Ballistol;
  • Action 7.

For bang guns, do not be afraid to use water with detergent. In the case of heavily soiled parts, warm water with dishwashing liquid can work wonders. Let’s remember to properly dry the parts washed in this way, and blow out the crevices with compressed air from a can. Then use the aforementioned oil and lubricate the moving parts.

Cleaning and maintenance

Below I will try, in a short and succinct way, to describe how to clean the various bang guns and revolvers.

Start 1, Start 2, and Lexon 11 models.

Despite the simple design, regular cleaning of these pistols is very important, the way the barrel tube is routed and the close-fitting magazines can be very problematic after the buildup. A jammed magazine or clogged barrel can lead to firing more than one ammunition and damaging the gun’s mechanism. We recommend dropping oil into the barrel tube and letting it sit for a while. After that, thoroughly clean the barrel with the help of the appropriate cleaning notches. The magazines should be cleaned of carbon build-up with sandpaper, keeping in mind the ammunition holes. To clean and lubricate the trigger mechanism, unscrew the left lining. Washing in warm water with detergent works well on these guns.

Before Fenix, Ekol Viper and Zoraki revolvers.

Blast revolvers are much simpler to clean. Because of the open barrel and full access to its chambers and the barrel tube, we are able to reach all nooks and crannies. For even greater freedom, I recommend unscrewing the screw located under the barrel and sliding out the entire arm along with the drum. With most revolver models, the firing pin that nails the ammunition is hidden, remember to lubricate it with oil from time to time.

Zoraki Stalker pistol

This is the most complicated design available on our market. Complete disassembly requires the right tools, but to take care of it in a basic way, all you need is the right oil and cutters. Removing the lock is relatively easy, it is necessary to make a full rotation of the lock lever. This will cause it to slide out slightly, then pull it out completely. We remove the magazine and pull the lock towards us as in the case of reloading, but with a gentle upward movement. The lock should slide off the slides for us. Then we can freely remove the spring and slide out the slide. Thus prepared, the gun can already be freely cleaned.

We fold the gun, of course, in the opposite direction.