Dubrovnik is that city where you can enjoy in every way. Maybe you wanna go to the trip by yourself and relax without anyone. So, Dubrovnik is perfect place for you than! That was confirmed in the article on Travel+Leisure where the town found its place on the list of the best places for women to travel solo. The beauty of solo travel is the ability to immerse yourself in the community and to stumble upon those moments of international connection organically on your own. But as a woman, fears—sometimes innate—over the silliest things can spin into overdrive, especially in a foreign environment.

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While the destination you choose should be somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, being in a safe location where it’s easy to navigate both the transportation and culture alleviates major worries and lets you focus on being present. And the more hotels, activities, and sights you’re able to find in a centralized, accessible area, the simpler it is to blend in, and allow yourself to experience those special travel moments that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Read more about perfect places for solo trip here, who knows, maybe you need time for yourself in beautiful city of Dubrovnik.

Photo by: TZ Dubrovnik