The Dubrovnik Card – What’s The Deal?
Whenever you visit a new destination, one of the challenges is the ability to experience and explore as much as you can but still fitting within your budget. Dubrovnik has a plethora of historical and cultural sites which you absolutely must see when visiting the Pearl of the Adriatic, meaning you could be faced with the aforementioned challenge. One way to help you stick to a budget without missing out on anything is to get a Dubrovnik Card.
Dubrovnik card
What is the Dubrovnik card?
The Dubrovnik Card gives you free entry into a certain number of attractions and historical monuments (depending on which card you opt for), as well as discounts in many stores and restaurants. On top of this, you get a quota of free trips on public transport for one adult and one child under seven years old. Bargain!
Buying this card means you save around 40% on some stores and restaurants, as well as entry into many of the cities key sites like the City Walls and museums and galleries. On top of that, if you buy it online, you save an extra 10%. Double Bargain!
One-day pass
The one-day pass is valid for 24 hours and allows you entry into six museums, two galleries and the city walls. You also receive a free 150-page guide to the city, as well as one busy ride for one adult and one child up to 7 years old.
Three-day pass
This pass gives you three days’ entry into six museums and two galleries, plus the city walls and one museum in Cavtat. You are also allowed six rides on public transport for one adult and one child up to 7 years old.
Dubrovnik card
Seven-day pass
As with the three-day pass, you receive the same benefits, but for a week rather than a few days, as well ten rides on public transport with the same rules applying.
Is it worth buying?
Well, if you want to see the biggest attractions in the city, while also making getting around easier, then yes, it is.
What does the Dubrovnik Card cost?
Buying ahead of time online will save you 10%, and current prices are:
One day – 170 HRK
Three days – 250 HRK
Seven days – 315 HRK
Dario Bandur photo photography Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik sky
As you can see, this is a definite big saving on the cost of each attraction when buying tickets at the door, and when you add on the huge discounts you will receive in restaurants, cafes, and shops which are affiliated with the card, you can see how beneficial it all is.
Dubrovnik Old Town GoDubrovnik trip alone travel
We always suggest travellers make an investment in the Dubrovnik Card. For ease of travel, plus the savings, the Dubrovnik Card is certainly a good idea for first-time visitors, and for those who want to pack a lot into their visit, with minimal hassle and fuss. Enjoy.